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22/12/2015 12:00:00 a.m.

22 December 2015

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You may be interested to know more about the proposal for a refit of the library building to create a shared library and child health facility.

The proposal is a collaboration between Rotorua Lakes Council and the Lakes District Health Board and both partners believe there is the potential to create a unique shared community facility within the central city.

The project will see a much-needed refurbishment of the library space and a reconfiguration of the building to bring Lakes District Health Board in as a tenant.

The building is 6000 sq m and the DHB would require 2000 sq m. The library would take up the rest (4000 sq m) with some shared spaces, including some shared staff facilities.

Long-standing maintenance issues such as the roof and ceilings would be fixed, the building would be brought up to date with seismic standards and the third floor would be refurbished.

The council has recently reconfirmed its support for the library and child health hub concept but has asked for a further report on project funding.

The Library and Child Health Hub project was discussed in the public excluded portion of Rotorua Lakes Council’s Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee in November. It was dealt with in the confidential part of the meeting due to commercial sensitivities. (See earlier comments by Mayor Steve Chadwick (pictured right)  and Rotorua Lakes Council chief executive Geoff Williams (pictured left) here.)

The minutes relating to that discussion were subsequently released to the public and state that the committee received an update on the project and that the committee further resolved:

1) That the Committee recommend that Council confirm:

a) Its support for the Library and Children’s Health Hub

b) The increase in the budget estimates for Rotorua Lakes Council share of the project from $5.4m to $8.8m, based on the cost estimates of the approved concept plan. The budget changes to be phased as:

  • $800,000 in the current year’s budget (2015/2016) for the detailed design phase of the project;

  • $2.5 million is added to the project cost across the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 financial years.

  • That officers provide a report detailing how the increase in project funding will be accommodated within the existing total funding envelope set in the Long-term Plan.

2) That [the update report received by the committee] not be made publicly available.

3) That the minutes relating to the item be subsequently made publicly available subject to approval of the Lakes District Health Board.

The recommendation was moved, seconded and carried and a division was called for, with the following result: Yes – Mayor Chadwick, Cr Donaldson, Cr Hunt, Cr Maxwell, Cr Raukawa-Tait, Cr Tapsell and Cr Wepa; No – Cr Bentley, Cr Gould, Cr Kent, Cr McVicker and Cr Searancke.

The recommendations from November’s Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee were approved at the full Council meeting of 17 December 2015.

Key information:

• Library building 6000 sq m
• Third floor currently tenanted
• Current library space is 4400 sq m
• New space will be 4000 sq m for library and 2000 sq m for DHB, as a tenant
• The building has earthquake repair issues and needs to be upgraded
• Maintenance has fallen behind

Click on this link for general information about the Library and Child Health Hub

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