Lake Road four laning update



25 March 2013

Lake Road sealing work taking place during the evening.

Works on widening Lake Road to four lanes to improve safety and reduce congestion are progressing well.

Current work involves sealing the pavement between the roundabout and Ranolf St. Final footpath sections are also being constructed between Ranolf St and the Utuhina Bridge, drainage work between the roundabout and Koutu corner, water connections at Koutu corner to the mains system are being completed, and streetlights are being connected between Utuhina Bridge and Ranolf St.

Over the next month pavement work between the Roundabout and Koutu corner will take place, as well as further retaining wall work, and further footpath, kerbing and berm reinstatement where required.

Pedestrian access is located on the Southern side of Lake Rd over the majority of the site. Motorists are asked to continue to follow signs and take caution throughout the construction site.

The completed sections of road will remain restricted to one lane in each direction. A T-intersection is operating at the Ranolf St/Lake Rd corner.

Changes to through traffic from Clayton Road have occurred temporarily to accommodate Lake Road works.

Work is scheduled to be completed on the project in April. Some finishing works will extend into May.

Page reviewed: 25 Mar 2013 10:00am