Rotorua District Council advertising chief executive position



5 March 2013

Rotorua District Council has commenced advertising its position of chief executive and is inviting applications up until 18 March. 

Rotorua Mayor Kevin Winters said that with the current chief executive’s contract concluding on 30 June the council was required under the Local Government Act to advertise the position and to consider all applications before appointing a chief executive for what could be a term of up to five years. 

“Late last year councillors and I recruited independent human resources consultants Greg Tims and Associates to ensure we had independent assistance and professional advice on the recruitment process.  

“We’ve identified the mix of attributes and experience we believe is required for leadership of the operational arm of the council for at least the next five years, and we’ll be assessing candidates against those attributes and relevant experience.  

“I anticipate there will be significant interest in the position from around New Zealand and even from overseas. Rotorua District Council is regarded as a successful and progressive local authority and this, coupled with our district’s unique mix of lifestyle attributes and central location, means the position is likely to be attractive to many.” 

Mr Winters said the current recruitment process had nothing to do with the performance of the current chief executive but was a legislative requirement each time a chief executive’s contractual term came to an end. He said chief executive contracts were limited to a maximum of five years and were then required to be publicly re-advertised before anyone could be appointed for any subsequent term. 

“As soon as applications close on 18 March we will be working with our independent adviser to identify a shortlist of candidates and then undertaking interviews. We’re hoping that the whole process will be done and dusted by the end of April and that we’ll be in a position to make an announcement about a successful candidate very soon after that. 

Mr Winters said he would be joined by all councillors in carrying out candidate interviews, and councillors would all be involved in decisions related to the chief executive appointment.

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