SPCA cleaning up litter problem in Rotorua



27 February 2013

A new discounted dog desexing initiative launched last week sees the Rotorua SPCA tackling the problem of unwanted dogs and puppies on Rotorua’s streets.

Months in the planning, the initiative has been a collaboration of the local SPCA, Rotorua District Council, Vet Plus, The Vet Club, Central City Vets and a bequest from the Winifred Flood Estate.

The opportunity is only available to Community Service Cardholders and Gold Cardholders. Discounted costs are $75 for male dogs and $95 for female dogs, and applications need to be made at Rotorua's SPCA office at 24 Old Taupo Road.

SPCA Rotorua chairman Debbie Van Den Broek said a similar programme was introduced for cats 18 months ago, resulting in a 30% reduction of cat and kitten intakes at the Shelter over the past Christmas break. 

She said it was a natural progression that dogs would be next. 

"Being considerably more expensive meant we had to raise the funds first and will need to continue raising funds so this very important programme can continue in our community."

For further information or to make a donation go to www.rotoruaspca.org.nz

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