Motorists reminded to display 'Pay & Display' parking receipt or risk $40 fine



With ‘pay & display’ machines progressively replacing parking meters in the city motorists are being reminded that they risk a $40 fine if they fail to display a valid parking receipt.
Drivers parking in a ‘pay & display’ controlled parking bay must immediately purchase a ticket from the nearest ‘pay & display’ machine to cover the time they expect to be parked, and must position the receipt where it can be clearly seen from outside the vehicle.
Rotorua District Council (RDC) is urging people to check parking signs and be aware of parking rules to avoid being hit with a fine.
RDC City Services manager Dennis Olliver says the $40 fine is set by the government and is standard throughout the country.
“People need to realise that if they park in one of the ‘pay & display’ spaces they must show a parking receipt or risk the $40 fine for failing to do so.
“And if they over-stay the time they have paid for, whether at a parking meter or ‘pay & display’ space, they also risk getting a $10 parking ticket.
“Some motorists are chancing their luck and not buying a parking receipt because they only plan to be away from their car for a few minutes. However if a parking warden identifies a vehicle not showing a parking receipt during hours that parking has to be paid for, they are likely to issue a $40 infringement notice.
“There’s adequate signage everywhere and if people are unsure of how a ‘pay & display’ machine works they can simply ask a passerby or shopkeeper. We’ve also put notices on each ‘pay & display’ unit to remind people about the fine for not displaying a parking receipt.”
Mr Olliver is also urging motorists to ensure their ‘pay & display’ parking receipt is displayed on the dashboard inside the windscreen, is the right way up, and is clearly visible to a parking warden.
Page reviewed: 27 Jul 2012 12:00am