More information featured in new Good Health Rotorua directory



The Good Health Rotorua directory has become one of the most highly regarded and best used community directories in Rotorua and the latest 2012 edition is available now.
Rotorua District Council social research officer Caroline Matangi said Good Health Rotorua provides comprehensive information from advocates and health support groups, activities and groups for older people, mental health providers, general practitioners, medical specialists, pharmacies, dentists, Maori health initiatives, fitness providers and a chapter on the Rotorua Hospital. She said this year three new chapters had been added covering community resourcing, community centres and Whanau Ora providers.
Carole Morgan, from Waiariki Institute of Technology's Health, Disability and Counselling Service said her team used the Good Health directory all the time for contact information for their students.
“Good Health is quick and easy to find information in, and particularly helpful in hard copy format. It means that when we have someone in front of us and we’re looking for information for them, we can open the booklet, find what we need, and it’s easy to keep talking to the person whilst we note the information down for them.
For us Good Health is easier to use in hard copy than online where we have to move to our computer to gather the information we need."
Citizens Advice Bureau coordinator Jane Eynon-Richards says the directory is often referred to as the “Bureau’s Bible.”
“The Good Health Directory is used by bureau volunteers several times a day, every day. Clients ring or call in for information on counselling services, addiction information, parenting programmes, activities for the elderly, contacts for health support groups and names of doctors, dentists, and midwives. Generally we can find the answer in the directory.
“The bureau is extremely grateful that the council continues to support production of this important community resource. It’s used by a huge number of people in Rotorua including the health and community providers who feature in the publication, as well as students from Waiariki Institute of Technology, rest homes, school medical centres and members of the general public."
Ms Matangi said it was the fourteenth time the Citizens Advice Bureau has been contracted by the council to update the information, edit copy and incorporate new service providers and community organisations into the directory.
The 2012 Good Health Rotorua directory can be downloaded for free from the Rotorua District Council website and hard copies purchased from the council’s Customer Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau for $12.
Page reviewed: 17 Jul 2012 12:00am