Collaborative effort making CBD safer



Chief Executive Peter Guerin's 'Council Talk' column from this week's Daily Post.
A multi-faceted collaborative effort between Rotorua District Council, Rotorua Police and the business community, is proving successful in making the CBD a safer place for our city businesses and their customers.
Take our City Safe Guardians for example. This is a bold and innovative programme funded by the council and Ministry of Justice, and operated in partnership with our local police.
Our City Safe Guardians team regularly patrols Rotorua’s CBD and surrounding reserves acting as a deterrent to troublesome or illegal behaviour. They have become extra ‘eyes and ears’ for the council, police and local businesses, reporting suspicious behaviour and property damage. They also assist the general public and visitors by answering queries and giving helpful directions.
A Guardian Hotline number operates for CBD businesses and is used in non-urgent situations. Hotline calls go to a cellphone carried by Guardians who can be quickly on the spot with police also called if necessary.
If Guardians see minor behaviour incidents, a friendly chat with those involved is usually enough to diffuse the matter. With more serious incidents, such as fighting, shoplifting, drug dealing and verbal abuse, the police are immediately contacted and will usually attend within minutes.
Guardians often encounter other situations where they are able to lend a hand. For example they provided first aid to an elderly man who suffered a fall and a woman involved in a downtown car accident. They have assisted assault victims, looked after mental health patients, helped with directing traffic after accidents and they regularly keep an eye on unlocked cars.
They also do a CityRide bus circuit onboard if there are passengers acting suspiciously or the bus driver feels unsafe.
City Safe Guardians help monitor the city’s CBD cameras from the Rotorua Police Station and have been effective in spotting offenders, leading to a number of arrests.
They regularly check in on retailers and distribute a newsletter keeping businesses up to date on crime statistics, important phone numbers and crime prevention advice.
The Guardians have an excellent working relationship with Rotorua Police who are 100% behind the project. Police assist with training for the Guardians, provide ongoing support with ‘beat patrols’, have sourced radios for the team and provide training in use of CCTV cameras.
In January, a survey of CBD businesses showed 86% were aware of the City Safe Guardian programme, 82% believed the programme was having a positive impact on safety, and 87% wanted the project to continue beyond the current year.
Police crime statistics for December, January and February showed a significant decrease in reported crime in the CBD, particularly with shoplifting, thefts and disorderly behaviour.
This all makes a compelling case for continuation of the programme. So our mayor and councillors have agreed to continue to support our CBD businesses by allocating funding for the City Safe Guardians programme for at least another two years, with a review in 12 months time to determine its ongoing future.
Peter Guerin
RDC Chief Executive
Page reviewed: 28 Jun 2012 12:00am