8 January 2019

Media: Rotorua Daily Post
Topic: Government Gardens Tours


Reporter looking to run a story about the Govt Gardens Guided Tours for children which are running every Wednesday in January at 10.30am

- What will these Garden Tours involve?

- Have these tours been held before? Why was it decided to hold these tours?

- Why do you encourage children and their family to come along?

- Why is it important for the younger generations to learn this information?

- Is there a photo I can use to go with the story?


Families will experience a fun one hour tour of Government Gardens withy an experienced Rotorua Museum guide. The tours will cover how volcanic eruptions formed Rotorua, explore some of the fierce battles and hear about some of the historic buildings in the area.

While the Museum currently offers 2-3 daily guided tours for people, this is the first time that the tours will have child-focus content and structure. They were created to share the stories of Rotorua with a younger audience in a fun and engaging way. 

It is a free activity families can do together over the summer, and both kids and adults are sure to learn something new about our unique city.

It is a great opportunity for kids to learn more about the significant events that shaped Rotorua, both culturally and physically. The guides will share the Māori legends behind the evolution of Rotorua, alongside the science explanation.

May be good to mention that people will need to dress for the conditions – if hot they will need sun hats, suntan lotion and water. If it is raining the tours will not go ahead.

[Picture was provided]

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