31 October 2019

Media: Rotorua Daily Post 
Topic: Call for Eat Streat extension


I received the [below] press release from Evolve Rotorua and will be writing about and expanding on it tomorrow.  ​I was just wondering if the council could give a view on what Evolve is proposing? 

- Would the council consider a trial expansion of Eat St for the summer?

- What criteria would need to be met to do a trial? 

- What is your reaction to the comment: The activation of the street as a new public space could help develop our night-time economy, increase vibrancy in the city, attract more people to this area and through this begin to address safety issues and help our local businesses"

- And if the trial proceeded, what would need to happen to make it permanent?


​Evolve Rotorua urges Council and local business to trial expansion of Eat Streat

ROTORUA, 23 OCTOBER 2019 — Evolve Rotorua is calling for the development of "Eat Streat 2.0",

urging Council and local businesses to trial an expansion of Eat Streat this summer.

"We believe there is now a strong case to build on the success of Eat Streat and transform Tutanekai

Street, between Arawa Street and Pukaki Street, into Eat Streat 2.0 over the summer" said Evolve

Rotorua spokesperson Ryan Gray.

Ben Sandford, another Evolve Rotorua spokesperson, said: "The development of Eat Streat has

drawn restaurants, people and vibrancy to this area so the expansion along Tutanekai Street is a

natural progression to support the investment of these businesses and a recognition that this type of

strategy is effective in regenerating neighbourhoods in the inner city."

Evolve Rotorua are of the opinion there could be multiple benefits with the development of Eat

Streat 2.0. "The activation of the street as a new public space could help develop our night-time

economy, increase vibrancy in the city, attract more people to this area and through this begin to

address safety issues and help our local businesses" said Sandford.

Designer Andrew Burgess, another of the Evolve Rotorua members advocating for Eat Streat 2.0,

said "The concept would allow for organic growth of Eat Streat while also minimising disruption and

giving the businesses in this neighbourhood the opportunity to invest in the feel and atmosphere

that best suits their needs while adding to the diversity of the inner city."

Evolve Rotorua propose Council and local businesses work together to trial Eat Streat 2.0, closing off

the street to vehicles on weekday evenings (after 5pm) and on Saturday and Sunday after 1pm,

thereby allowing parking during the day and the creation of a pedestrian and outdoor eating space

in the evening and weekends. They propose a trial run, over the summer months, from December -


Currently, this block of Tutanekai Street has eleven cafés, restaurants and bars, a dairy and a church.

Evolve Rotorua have spoken to businesses along the street who have been highly supportive of the


"The trial could enable owners to expand their businesses, encouraging more pedestrians to the

area in the evenings and weekends, and help make Rotorua more exciting" said Ryan Gray. Allowing

for the expansion of Eat Streat in an organic way could enable the owners of those business to

expand within their capacity and create their own identity. By enabling café and restaurant owners

to create their own outdoor spaces we can reduce the financial burden on the Council. Eat Streat 2.0

could build on the existing success of Eat Streat, and if the trial proves successful we could look at

making a more permanent public space.

​Business owners on Eat Streat 2.0

Evolve Rotorua have canvassed business owners in the proposed Eat Streat 2.0 zone and they have

been highly supportive.

[suggested contact name and number]

​About Evolve Rotorua

Evolve Rotorua is an advocacy group whose aim is to champion progressive social and economic

projects and policies for an inclusive and sustainable Rotorua.

The group is an active voice on many issues affecting our community and is pushing Council and

others to be forward-looking, innovative, and positively proactive when it comes to planning for our


The group promotes projects via their website and local groups or individuals who are working on

projects that will help make Rotorua better are invited to submit their info via:


​You can follow what Evolve Rotorua is up to via their Facebook page and website:

http://evolverotorua.co.nz/ and https://www.facebook.com/evolverotorua/​


From Operations Group Manager Henry Weston:

“We haven’t been approached about this but would be keen to work with them to make things happen.”

From Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick:

“It’s fantastic local operators are thinking innovatively, looking at how they can be more successful in their space and also contribute to making our inner city more vibrant. Making things happen for our district is all about partnerships and Council would provide whatever support possible.

“I love Eat Streat – it has been hugely successful and I would support any moves to expand on that success. Our goal has always been for a vibrant inner city that attracts activity and people and this idea plays in to work already underway to review what’s happening in our inner city and discussions elected members will be having about what needs to happen next.”


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