23 October 2019

Media: Rotorua Daily Post 
Topic: Noise complaints


How many noise complaints have been made from October 2018 to this year to date? - Could this please be broken down to noise complaints to the hotline, noise directions, infringements issued plus seizures of equipment. Also the reason for the complaint?

​What are the top 10 busiest streets for complaints so far this year?​


The following information was provided:

Between 1 Oct 2018 and 23 October 2019 we have received 3,255 noise complaints.

The 10 busiest streets this year have been:

  • Malfroy Road

  • Sunset Road

  • Lisa Crescent

  • Spinel Place

  • Meadowbank Crescent

  • Mount View Drive

  • Miller Street

  • Homedale Drive

  • Rimu Street

  • Todd Duncan Drive ​

Between 1 Oct 2018 and 23 Oct 2019 we have issued 486 Excessive Noise Directions.

Between 1 Oct 2018 and 23 Oct 2019 we have issued 30 infringements.

Between 1 Oct 2018 and 23 Oct 2019 we have conducted 20 seizures.

​The reasons for the complaints received are detailed below:

  • Alarm

  • Band

  • Bass

  • Drums

  • Humming

  • Machinery

  • Motorbikes

  • Other

  • Party

  • Planers

  • Sanding

  • Singing

  • Stereo

  • Thumping

  • Vehicles

  • Voices


Media: Rotorua Daily Post 
Topic: Closure of libary computer room


A member of the public has left us a message upset the computer room at the library has been closed for several weeks and he's been told it'll be closed for a few more weeks. He didn't say what it was closed for. Don't think he was told.

​Any knowledge or anything we can communicate to our readers?​


The reporter was advised that the computer room is currently being upgraded and is scheduled to be open again by the beginning of November.

​Wifi/printing and scanning services remain available.


Media: BOP Times/Rotorua Daily Post 
Topic: BOP growth stats


I'm writing a story about the recently released Stats NZ data that shows the Bay of Plenty region is one of the fastest-growing in the country.

Stats NZ says the estimated population in Rotorua sat at 75,100 as at the year ended June 2019, a 1.4 per cent increase compared to 2018.

​Could I please have comment regarding the following? My deadline is 3pm at this stage but I will let you know if that changes.

  • What impact does the population increase have on the city?

  • What are the main challenges the council anticipates with the increasing population and how is the council accommodating for the increase?​


From Mayor Steve Chadwick:

"Population growth has many benefits but it also brings challenges and the focus now for Rotorua must be increasing housing across the spectrum.

We know our people need to have homes that suit their needs and we can’t do it alone. Council is working with stakeholders to create a housing plan to address the growing need.

Jobs and wellbeing support also needs to be available for our growing population. Our diverse economy is ever expanding and our focus on partnerships with iwi and local organisations is helping to develop opportunities for employment and development for our people." ​________________________________________________________________________________________

Media: Rotorua Daily Post 
Topic: Appointment of deputy mayor


Reporter sought comment from Mayor Chadwick regarding her choice of deputy mayor.


From Mayor Steve Chadwick:

"It is a mayoral decision as to who serves as deputy mayor, rather than an outcome of the election results. I’ve asked Dave to continue as my deputy because we’ve had a successful six years previously, and I value his loyalty and vision. Dave has both mine and the wider community’s trust and I’m looking forward to continuing the momentum we’ve gained over the past term." ​​

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