18 October 2019

Media: Rotorua Daily Post 
Topic: Waipa developments


I'm going to write a story about Secret Spot Hot Tubs opening a few weeks ago as we'd been following that development. But I'm emailing because I'd like to broaden the story out from just one business to cover all the developments out there and where they are at.

Is the council please able to provide an update on council-led projects out there and others you may have info on?

I'm told a few things:

  • At the Waipa carpark road diversion, earth works is underway bunding the new road to quieten traffic noise and upgrading the grassed area overflow car parking amongst the trees.

  • The Waipa carpark used to get its security gates and public toilets locked at 8.30pm, which has now changed to 11pm since Secret Spot Hot Tubs has opened.

  • Recent upgrade of council toilets at Waipa (maybe 2 months ago)

  • International BMX track continues to be constructed.

But I'm sure there are others.​


The following information was provided: 

  • Commercial building and BMX works are both separate to Council. You will need to contact Red Stag and BMX Rotorua to learn more about those projects.
  • The bunding work is also being managed by Red Stag. 
  • Rotorua Lakes Council delivered the infrastructure portion of Waipa redevelopment. That work was completed in December 2018 (news article sent yesterday covering that). That work included the new car park, by-pass road and extra parking, bridge to BMX track and landscaping. 
  • Earlier work completed by Council to meet growing demand prior to 2016 included the toilet and shower block, bike washing stations and exercise trail. 
  • Council recently refurbished the toilets and showers as part of its ongoing maintenance schedule. This included replacing internal linings in the toilet block and heavily used shower areas and fitting plumbing and electrical for adding hot-water control systems. 
  • A reseal of the main car park and parking areas along the entrance road will take place this summer. This is a standard second coat that all new roads get. The heavy traffic by-pass will also get a reseal in the next 12-18 months. 
  • Minor improvements such as signage and furniture will also be included as part of the overall forest development project. 
  • The gate to the main carpark is now closing at 11pm.

     The reporter was also provided links to previous RLC updates re Waipa developments to assist with background for the article:



Media: Rotorua Daily Post 
Topic: On-licence premises in Rotorua


For a story I am hoping to please find out:

How many on-licence premises do we have in the Rotorua district?

How many off-licence premises do we have in the Rotorua district?

How many licences were suspended in 2018 and which premises had them suspended?

How many new licence applications were made in Rotorua in 2018?

How many of those were granted?

​Have you had any complaints about Owhata Thirsty Liquor in the last five years?

If so, what have they entailed?​


Discussion was had with reporter, followed up by an email providing the following information:

As you’ve discussed previously with us most of the information you’ve requested can be found via the ARLA part of the Justice Dept website (HERE)

To save you navigating the website:

The national liquor licence register Download ARLA licence register [XLSX, 1.8 MB] provides information about all active licences.

Decisions regarding licences and licensed premises can be found via Search ARLA decisions on the website.

And I can confirm that there have been no complaints received about Owhata Thirsty Liquor in the last five years.​________________________________________________________________________________________

Media: Horowhenua Chronicle
Topic: Menacing dog clasification


Initial enquiry:

A Foxton beach residents is very upset that her eight-year old Sharpie x Pitball has been classed as a menacing dog due to a October 2016 incident in Rotorua.....

She's furious and is going to fight it, saying that it is a nice and small dog and putting a muzzle on her dog for the first time in 8 years is very tough....and ridiculous

Horowhenua Disrict Council says that Rotorua District Council have classified this dog as menancing in October 2016...presumable something happened that month? Can you tell us?

I am going to see her to find out more.....

*Reporter provided name, registration and owner details for the dog

Subsequent questions:

Did anyone go see the dog? She would have been 7 by then...I have met her and she is small, very friendly dog - keen on cuddles, even from a stranger. She is a mixed breed dog, the pitbull part may be ony small....doesn't bark and is very well behaved...She's the size of a fox terrier.

The owner said she was told there was nothing she could do about the classification.....

​Subsequent questions:

​Also, how do you classify a dog as menacing...? Has there ever been a problem with this dog? Or was there a bad incident involving this dog?


The following information was provided:

Our records show that the dog ‘Baba’ was classified menacing under Section 33C of the Dog Control Act 1996 as it is belonging to one of the listed breeds in Schedule 4 of that Act.

This classification was made by Rotorua Lakes Council on 12 December 2018. At that time the owner did have an opportunity to object to the menacing classification. The objection period is 14 days of receiving the classification notice. No objection was lodged.

​Information – menacing dog classification

Under Section 33C of the Dog Control Act 1996 (link here)

(1) A territorial authority must, for the purposes of section 33E(1)(a), classify as menacing any dog that the territorial authority has reasonable grounds to believe belongs wholly or predominantly to 1 or more breeds or types listed in Schedule 4.

(2) If a dog is classified as menacing under subsection (1), the territorial authority must immediately give written notice in the prescribed form to the owner of—

(a) the classification; and

(b) the provisions of section 33E (which relates to the effect of classification as a menacing dog); and

(c) the right to object to the classification under section 33D.

Schedule 4Breed and type of dog subject to ban on importation and muzzling

Part 1 - Breed of dog

Brazilian Fila

Dogo Argentino

Japanese Tosa

Perro de Presa Canario

Part 2 - Type of dog

American Pit Bull Terrier

33E Effect of classification as menacing dog

(1) If a dog is classified as a menacing dog under section 33A or section 33C, the owner of the dog—

(a) must not allow the dog to be at large or in any public place or in any private way, except when confined completely within a vehicle or cage, without being muzzled in such a manner as to prevent the dog from biting but to allow it to breathe and drink without obstruction; and

(b) must, if required by the territorial authority, within 1 month after receipt of notice of the classification, produce to the territorial authority a certificate issued by a veterinarian certifying—

(i) that the dog is or has been neutered; or

(ii) that for reasons that are specified in the certificate, the dog will not be in a fit condition to be neutered before a date specified in the certificate; and

(c) must, if a certificate under paragraph (b)(ii) is produced to the territorial authority, produce to the territorial authority, within 1 month after the date specified in that certificate, a further certificate under paragraph (b)(i).

(2) [Repealed]

(3) [Repealed]

(4) [Repealed]

(5) Subsection (1)(a) does not apply in respect of any dog or class of dog that the territorial authority considers need not be muzzled in any specified circumstances (for example, at a dog show).

Response to subsequent questions:

As per our previous response, this is not a classification that Rotorua Lakes Council has imposed, it is a legislation requirement based on the dog’s breed type. Also as per our previous response there was an opportunity to object to the classification as outlined on the classification notice provided to the owner.

No objection was received at that time.

Our Animal Control staff will be happy to speak to the owner if she wishes to discuss her concerns.

​Re further question: reporter was contacted to further explain that the classification is by virtue of the national legislation that classifies certain breed types as ‘menacing’ RLC must apply and is not placed on a dog as a result of any incident but by virtue of the breed type, as per the legislation​



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