11 March 2019

Media: Daily Post
Topic: Crankworx funding


​Reporter following up on Crankworx presentation to Council's Operations & Monitoring Committee hui last week:

I just had [two] questions for Steve Chadwick on the topic of declining public funding. [Ariki] Tibble [who presented to the committee] said this will be the first year that [the event's] commercial revenue exceeds public investment, and that decline is causing challenges.

Does she think the Rotorua Lakes Council should invest more in the event in future? 

Does she hope central government will invest more in the event in future?

Anything she wants to add about the success of the event is welcome. 


From Mayor Steve Chadwick:

“Crankworx puts a world lens on Rotorua and benefits the district both economically and from a community perspective. We do, of course, want it to succeed but any decisions about further investment by Rotorua Lakes Council would need to consider both the benefits and the financial implications for Council. I’ll share my view at the appropriate time in any future discussions we have as a whole Council.

More Central Government investment is a question for Central Government. However, anything that contributes to the ongoing success of this event, which puts an international focus on New Zealand as well as Rotorua, would certainly be most welcome.”


Media: Daily Post
Topic: Council consenting


I have a couple of questions regarding the building consent statistics sent to our inbox yesterday.  

  • Could you further explain why there is an increase of $3.8 million for the compared months in 2018 and 2019 when the consents grew by just four?

[NOTE: this first question relates to the residential consents set out in the first table on the page on Council’s website]

  • What was the highest value of residential consent?

  • Are there any details surrounding this, including a name?

  • How does council view the growth in Rotorua?

  • Does council expect growth to continue?





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