Rotorua Economic Development Ltd (operating as Destination Rotorua)

The former Rotorua Tourism Committee, constituted in 2010 by the Rotorua Lakes Council (Rotorua District Council) as a standing committee of Council to ensure growth in tourism, has been replaced by a new business unit transition board. The new transition board is charged with the creation of a new strategic business unit of Rotorua Lakes Council called Destination Rotorua encompassing the activities of Destination Rotorua Marketing, Events & Venues, i-SITE, and the Redwoods Visitor Centre. The creation of the new business unit has come about as a result of the 2014 Rotorua Lakes Council reorganisation process and is designed to create better alignment between the respective entities involved, with the aim of generating better utilisation of resources and collective outcomes for Rotorua.

While in the formative stages the focus of the new business unit is in three main areas:

  • Alignment of activity to the Rotorua 2030 aspirations; 
  • Working on how to better encourage and deliver on a ‘public/private’ sector partnership approach to service delivery;
  • Delivering outstanding destination marketing; PR activity; and venue, events and visitor related services (including i-SITEs).

The number one aspiration of the new business unit is to contribute to the doubling of Rotorua’s domestic and international visitor receipts from the 2014 levels of $502 million per annum to $1 billion per annum by 2030, and to raise the brand awareness of Rotorua as a place for domestic and international guests to visit.

The transition board will have a finite duration and has been charged with two main functions:

  1. To establish a professional governance approach for the new business unit
  2. Prepare a business unit establishment plan with a view to the potential for the business unit to transition to a CCO over time.

Transition Board Members:

  • Peter Stubbs (Chairperson)                           
  • Bruce Thomasen
  • Chris Auld
  • Kiri Atkinson-Crean
  • Mere George
  • Michael Barnett
  • Quinton Hall

If you wish to make contact with any of the board or would like any additional information on the business unit, please visit or contact:

Destination Rotorua Marketing
Phone: +64 7 348 4133

Rotorua Visitor Centre & I-Site
Phone: +64 7 348 5179

Events and Venues
Phone: +64 7 349 5141

Or please click the link for more contact information

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