Infracore Limited

A Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) under Rotorua Lakes Council

The Infracore Limited business was formed in August 2015 as a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) under Rotorua Lakes Council. The company took over the operations of the Council’s old Castlecorp works department and plant nursery operations and employ approximately 150 staff. The organisation is headed by chief executive Tim Hammond who joined the organisation for its formation.

Infracore operate from their 70 Vaughan Rd depot and Queens Drive Nursery by the Government Gardens in the city. They maintain Rotorua's beautiful gardens, parks, reserves and cemeteries as well as the city’s essential water and wastewater networks, and land drainage systems.

The business was formed into a CCO to provide a range of quality, cost-effective services and is tasked with building a diversified income base by developing existing and new business opportunities, including potential new business outside of the district.


The Infracore Limited Board has five members:

  • Bill Lawson – Principal Lance Lawson Barristers and Solicitors​
  • Charles Kaka – Chief Executive Unison Contracting Services Ltd​
  • Jan Bolton - Owner Kaingaroa Roading Contractors Ltd
  • Israel Hawkins - Director WERA Consultants Ltd
  • John McRae – Partner Deloitte and President of the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce

Business activities

Infracore provides the following services: 

  • Water supply and network operations and maintenance
  • Wastewater network maintenance
  • Land drainage maintenance
  • Footpath and verge maintenance 
  • Janitorial services
  • City cleaning services
  • Mowing and grounds keeping
  • Reserves and structures maintenance
  • Sports fields and stadium maintenance
  • Public gardens planting and maintenance
  • Horticultural services
  • Landscaping services
  • Cemetery and crematorium maintenance and operation services
  • Footpath and other minor civil construction work
  • New water network, sewer and stormwater infrastructure construction services
  • Plant nursery services, growing plants for both the Council and other clients
  • Decorative plant leasing services

If you have an enquiry about any of these services contact the council's Customer Centre on 07 348 4199 or email  


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