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View Council and committee meetings live or on demand from our Council Chamber web cam. 

Livestream troubleshooting

Having trouble viewing the live stream? Try some of the following solutions: 

  • Refresh the page (press F5)
  • If you aren't already, try using the Google Chrome web browser 
  • Try watching it directly from our Rotorua Lakes Council YouTube channel.

The screen will appear blank during breaks or confidential items.

Previous Meetings

Missed the last Council and committee meeting or want to watch a particular item? You can watch previous Council and committee meetings on demand through our Rotorua Lakes Council YouTube channel.

Agendas and Presentations

Download agendas and minutes and view the Council and Committee meeting calendar.

DateMeetingAgendas and Presentations
14 February 2019Strategy, Policy & Finance 
Committee hearing -
Prostitution Bylaw
14 February 2019Strategy, Policy & Finance
Committee meeting


7 February 2019Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting


13 December 2018Council meeting
22 November 2018Council meeting


8 November 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting


1 November 2018Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting


25 October 2018Council meeting
11 October 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting
4 October 2018Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting


27 September 2018Council meeting


6 September 2018Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting

30  August 2018Council meeting


9 August 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting
2 August 2018Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting
26 July 2018Council meeting
12 July 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meetingPresentations
5 July 2018

Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting


28 June 2018Council meeting


14 June 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting


7 June 2018Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting


31 May 2018Council meeting


16 & 17 May 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting
Long-t erm Plan Deliberations
10 May 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting
3 May 2018Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting


26 April 2018Council meeting
12 April 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee hearing - Speed Limit Bylaw 2014 review
12 April 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting
5 April 2018Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting

29 March 2018Council meeting
15 March 2018Council extraordinary meeting
15 March 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting
8 March 2018Council extraordinary meeting
8 March 2018Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting


28  February 2018

Council meeting

8  February 2018Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting

1  February 2018

Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting 
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