Management Structure

​​​​The elected council’s main relationship is with its chief executive officer. The mayor and councillors employ the chief executive officer, who is in turn responsible for employing all other council staff and for setting up and maintaining Council’s operational structure. 

Chief Executive's Group

Chief Executive Geoff Williams

Deputy Chief Executive, Chief Executive's Group 

Deputy Chief Executive, Te Arawa Partnership

Deputy Chief Executive, Organisational Enablement

Deputy Chief Executive, Community Wellbeing

Deputy Chief Executive, District Development

Deputy Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Environmental Solutions

Deputy Chief Executive, District Leadership and Democracy

Craig Tiriana

Gina Rangi

Thomas Collé

Jocelyn Mikaere

Jean-Paul Gaston

Stavros Michael

Oonagh Hopkins

Business Support


Customer Solutions Manager

Finance and Business Performance Leader

Information Solutions Manager

Property Manager

Valeta Duncan

Justine Wilmoth​

Suzanne Craig

Brian Stirton​



Arts and Culture Manager (Library, Museum, Energy Events Centre, Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre, Markets, Major Events)

Sport, Recreation and Environment Manager (including Rotorua Aquatic Centre, International Stadium and community events)

Community and Regulatory Services

Planning and Development Solutions

Operations Project Director

Stewart Brown


Rob Pitkethley

Kurt Williams

Jason Ward

Aimee McGregor



Infrastructure Capital Programmes Manager

Infrastructure Planning Manager

3 Waters Services Manager

Safe & Sustainable Journeys Manager

Transport Services Manager

Environmental Manager​ 

Civil Defence and Emergencies Co-ordinator

Peter Dine

Greg Manzano

Eric Cawte

Niki Carling

Darryl Robson

Alison Lowe

Linda Johnston



Council Communications Manager

Development Manager (Sustainability & Social Development)

Ingrid Tiriana

Rosemary Viskovic

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