​​​Committees and their membership for the 2019-22 term.

Council adopts a ‘Guide to Good Governance’, which includes a code of conduct to help ensure transparency and a high standard of behaviour. Model sta​n​ding orders are also used to guide meeting procedures and assist sound decision-making processes. 


​Chairperson: Mayor Steve Chadwick
Deputy Chairperson:  Deputy Mayor Dave Donaldson
Members: All councillors


Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee

Chairperson: Cr Raukawa-Tait
Deputy Chairperson: Cr Kai Fong
Members:  Mayor and all councillors, Mrs S Trumper (Rural Community Board ), Mr P Thomass (Lakes Community Board), Ms D Marks and Mr E Berryman-Kamp (Te Tatau o Te Arawa)

​​Operations and Monitoring Committee

Chairperson: Cr Tapsell
Deputy Chai​​rperson: Cr Yates
Members:  Mayor and all councillors, Mrs J Rothwell (Lakes Community Board), ​Mr B Heard (Rural Community Board ), ​Ms A Bray and Mr R Waru (Te Tatau o Te Arawa)​

​​Resource Management Act Policy Committee


District Licensing Committee

Chairperson: Mrs K Hunt
Mrs J Condor
Ms J Eynon-Richards
Mr A Gibson​
Mr T Owen


Chief Executive's Perfo​r​mance Review Committee

Chairperson: Mayor Steve Chadwick
Deputy Chairperson: Deputy Mayor Dave Donaldson
Cr Raukawa-Tait
Cr Tapsell
Mr G Rolleston (Te Tatau o Te Arawa)​
Mrs S Trumper
Mr P Thomass

​Audit and Risk Committee

Chairperson: Ms J Bronsnahan
Deputy Chairperson:  Ms J Stanway
Mayor Chadwick
Cr Donaldson
Cr Raukawa-Tait
Cr Tapsell
Mr G Rolleston (Te Tatau o Te Arawa)​

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