Compliance and Consen t Solutions
1.1          Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy
1.2          Dog Policy
1.3          Local Approved Products Policy (Harmful Psychoactive Substances)

Finance and Capability
2.1          Appointment and Remuneration of Directors for Council Controlled Organisations Policy
2.2          Records Management Policy
2.3          Seismic Policy and Risk Reduction Framework for Council Buildings
2.4          Percent for Art Guidelines
2.5          Funding Reserves and Self-Funding Accounts Policy
2.6          Property Disposal Policy

Performance and Delivery
3.1          Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group Joint Committee Policy

Sports and Recreation
4.1          Activities on Open Public Places Policy
4.2          Administration of Reserves Policy
4.3          Cemeteries and Crematorium Policy
4.4          Lakes Structure Policy
4.5          Leases, Concessions, Licences and Reserve Hire Policy
4.6          Public Toilet Policy
4.7          Reserve Structures Policy
4.8          Sports Grounds and Facilities Policy

Strategy and Partnerships
5.1          Art in Public Places Policy
5.2          Class IV Gambling and Board Venue Policy
5.3          Community Funding Investment Policy
5.4          Conference Attendance for Elected Members Policy
5.5          Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy
5.6          Footpath Trading Zone Policy
5.7          Mayor and Councillors Membership of Not-For-Profit Organisations
5.8          Mayoral and Elected Representatives International Travel Policy
5.9          Sister City Relationship Policy
5.10        Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy
5.11        Significance and Engagement Policy
5.12        Wood First Policy
5.13        Special Housing Areas Policy

Transport and Water Solutions
6.1          Metered Water Supply Policy
6.2          Performance Based Parking Management Practices – Policy and Guidelines

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