Final Result

2016 Triennial Elections DECLARATION OF RESULT
The final result for the Rotorua Lakes Council elections held on Saturday 8th October is as follows.

​Mayoralty​Votes Received
​CHADWICK, Stephanie (Steve)​8,990
​MACPHERSON, Reynold​Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers​6,127
​KENT, Rob​Independent​3,328
​GOULD, Mark​1,763
​KINGI, RangiMarie​Independent - Tohunga - Maori Researcher​412​
​RAKEI-CLARK, John​Independent​256
​LOUIS, Frances​Te Ropu Awangawanga - CONCERN​135​

​​Stephanie (Steve) Chadwick is declared elected.​ ​ ​

​Council - At Large
(10 vacancies)
​Votes Received​
​TAPSELL, Tania​Independent​9,567
​BENTLEY, Peter​A Practical Man​8,177
​RAUKAWA-TAIT, Merepeka​7,575
​MAXWELL, Trevor​7,169
​DONALDSON, Dave​7,059
​GOULD, Mark​6,744
​KUMAR, Raj​Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers​6,687
​KENT, Rob​Independent​6,509
​STURT, Charles William​Independent​6,285
​HUNT, Karen​Independent​5,896
​MCVICKER, Mike​Independent​5,758​
​​CALNAN, Julie​5,671
​BURNS, Stuart​​Elect for Professional Governance​5,527
​WEPA, Janet​Independent​5,165
​FISCHER, Shelly Riach​Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers​4,963
​BIDDLE, Kingi​4,910
​DYER, John​Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers​4,905
​MACKENZIE, Rosemary​Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers​4,867
​KIEL, Eraia​4,724
​PRITCHARD, Leonie​A Common Sense Solution For Rotorua​4,266
​MARRINER, Haydn​Independent​3,986
​JOYCE, Annette Mary​Independent​3,952
​WU, Waitsu​3,854
​WINDELL, Charlie​3,821
​WEBBER, Warren​Vote Webber Vote Better​3,532
​DANIELS, Rawiri​Independent​3,364
​WARU, David​3,231
​BENFELL, Natasha​Independent​2,922
​SKIPWITH, Kiri Lorraine​Independent​2,888
​STOREY, Victor​Independent​2,733
​GIELEN, Joseph​Independent​2,479
​STAITE, Michael​Independent​2,097
​​SANTIAGO, Carolyn ​CommunityWorks​2,029
​HEDGES, Bill​Independent​2,015
​HOWARD, Bobby Mihi​Independent​1,576
​​Peter Bentley, Dave Donaldson, Mark Gould, ​Karen Hunt, Rob Kent, Raj Kumar, Trevor Maxwell, Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, Charles William Sturt and Tania Tapsell are declared elected.​​ ​ ​

​Rotorua Lakes Community Board
(4 vacancies)
​Vot​es Received
​STANTON, Jim​736
​CHATER, Nick​676
​THOMASS, Phill​Vote Rotorua Lakes Community​555
​STEVENS, Fred​538
​DOUGLAS, Jerry​493
​GRAY, Ryan​473
​CALLAGHAN, Neil ​435
​​Nick Chater, Jim Stanton, Fred Stevens and Phill Thomass are declared elected. ​ ​

The voter return was 45.99%, being 21,252 votes, excluding special votes.

Warwick Lampp
Electoral Officer
Rotorua Lakes Council
14 October 2016​

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