Rural Community Board - By-Election

Long time Rotorua resident Mr Bryce Heard [above] has been confirmed as the new member of the Rotorua Rural Community Board.

He fills the vacancy left by the recent resignation of Euan McLachlan due to work commitments and as the only nominee, Mr Heard was elected unopposed.

Mr Heard will join chair Shirley Trumper and members Bob Martin and Chris Sutton on the rural community board.

Mr Heard has lived in Rotorua since 1984 and is the owner/operator of Pampas Heights deer stud at Kaharoa.

An extensive background in business management and corporate governance has included chief executive officer roles with Tasman Forestry, Forest Research (now Scion) and Lockwood Homes. Mr Heard also has experience as an importer and exporter.

Board positions held by Mr Heard include:

  • Bay of Connections – 7 years (current)

  • Woodlanz Pacific Housing Chairman

  • Rotorua Chamber of Commerce (current)

  • CNI Wood Action Group Chairman (current)

  • NZ Forest Owners - President 3 terms

  • NZ Association of Crown Institutes - President 2 terms

  • NZ Game Industry Board - 2 terms

  • Rotorua Bright Economies Board -Chairman 4 years

  • Tarawera Forests Ltd Chairman - 9 years

  • Hikurangi Forest Farms - 7 years​

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