Rotorua Sister Cities

Like many places around the world, Rotorua is part of a sister city programme which encourages close ties between cities and districts. Programmes such as these help foster international understanding.

Rotorua has links with:  
  • Klamath Falls (United States of America)
  • Beppu (Japan)
  • Lake Macquarie (Australia)
  • The Wuzhong District of Suzhou City (China) 

Klamath Falls – United States of America

Klamath Falls is an inland city in Oregon, close to the Californian state line. Forestry and associated industries are major land uses.

Rotorua was linked to Klamath Falls in 1962, and in 2012 Rotorua and Klamath Falls will celebrate 50 years of sister city relationship.

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Beppu – Japan

Photograph of Beppu - JapanBeppu, a coastal city on the southern island of Kyushu, has a population of around 125,000. The city features considerable geothermal activity and its economy is based on tourism.

Rotorua was formally linked to Beppu during a visit to Japan in 1987 by Rotorua's then mayor and mayoress, Mr and Mrs J E Keaney.


City of Lake Macquarie - Australia Photograph of City of Lake Macquarie - Australia

Lake Macquarie, located approximately 100kms north of Sydney, is centred on Australia's largest coastal lake (four times the size of Sydney Harbour).

Both the city and the lake are flanked by the Watagan Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Rotorua’s relationship with Lake Macquarie was formalised in 1997.

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Wuzhong District of Suzhou City – China

Wuzhong isPhotograph of Wuzhong District of Suzhou City – China about 90 kilometres west of the major international shipping and trade centre of Shanghai. The district has a population of around 580,000 spread over seventeen towns. Wuzhong, the original home of the renowned Wu culture, is an historical and cultural district.

 In October 1997, Wuxian city in China and Rotorua Lakes Council entered into a friendship relationship. This led to a formal sister city agreement in February 2000.

When Wuxian city was disestablished after provincial restructuring, a revised sister city agreement was signed between Rotorua and Wuzhong District.

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