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Feathers enable a bird to fly – so fly straight, fly safe, soar to great heights.


The Green Corridor opened on Thursday  8 October 2015 and now links existing cycleways to the east and west of Rotorua.

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Key Messages

    • Green Corridor total cost $397,000
    • 57 per cent provided by New Zealand Transport Agency
    • Distance through Kuirau Park and inner city to Hinemaru St is nearly 2km

Green Corridor LogoWhat is it?

Rotorua’s Green Corridor links existing cycleways to the east and west of the city through a two kilometre inner city route.  Come and explore the Green Corridor brochure (pdf 6.42mb)

Where does the Green Corridor go?

The corridor runs from Rotorua’s Government Gardens and the Sulphur Point section of the New Zealand Cycle Trail Te Ara Ahi, up Hinemoa Street, right onto Tutanekai St, left onto Haupapa Street, into the natural geothermal wonders of Kuirau Park and through to the Ngongotaha cycleway. There are bike stands, landscaping and sculptures along the way, as well as toilets and seating.

Who can use it?

Whether you’re on two legs or two wheels, the Green Corridor is for you. The space is designed for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, scooter riders, wheelchair users and skateboarders.

Green Corridor – who gives way?

Users of Rotorua’s new Green Corridor are being reminded that regular road rules apply at road crossings along the corridor - meaning cyclists and other users are required to give way to vehicles.
With green paint now applied at most road crossings, many motorists have been slowing down and giving corridor users a friendly wave to cross. While this is very courteous of them it’s not a given.
So please remember that this is a shared space and normal road rules apply.
Meanwhile additional signage is also being erected along the cycle route to direct people along the correct path.

Media Release 19 March 2016: Red crossings education campaign launched


We've added a few more pics to our #GreenCorridor album. What beautiful scenery along the...

Posted by Rotorua Lakes Council on Monday, September 21, 2015

Rotorua 2030 and UN Global Compact City

The development of Rotorua’s Green Corridor is a key part of the Rotorua 2030 Inner City Revitalisation Strategy - Inner City Revitalisation -  aimed at developing a vibrant city heart that attracts people and activity with outstanding places to play. Rotorua is also New Zealand’s only United Nations Global Compact City, part of a worldwide programme to progress social equity and justice, environmental sustainability and good governance in the urban environment. The Green Corridor helps support some of the guiding principles of the UN Global Compact agreement.


The project is jointly funded by NZ Transport Agency and Rotorua Lakes Council, and has been developed in partnership with the Inner City Focus group and Cycle Action Rotorua.

Go Green!

The Green Corridor provides an easy, safe way to get into and through the inner city, making it ideal if you are commuting to work or visiting the city on the weekend. You can leave the car at home and get in a daily dose of exercise by cycling or walking to town and along the Corridor.

You can walk, bike, scooter or jog the corridor to safely and easily get through the inner city. The Green Corridor is not just a thoroughfare but has been designed as a unique way for people to experience and explore their way through the inner city. If you haven’t treated yourself to a spot of inner city shopping lately, now’s the perfect time to get out and support our local inner city businesses.

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