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The Treasure Rotorua Safe Community Project

In June 2010, Rotorua became the 200th 'International Safe Community’ in the world and 14th in New Zealand to achieve this designation as part of the Treasure Rotorua Safe Community Project.

In 2015, the project steering group successfully re-applied as Treasure Rotorua for another 5-year International Safe Community designation via the Pan Pacific Network of Safe Communities. This provides opportunity for all to work together for a safe community in a way that can be widely-supported.

Safe Communities

International Safe Communities is a World Health Organisation recommended approach as an effective means for injury/crime prevention - it encourages greater cooperation between organisations in a community to work more effectively to improve safety.

The Pan Pacific Network designation as a Safe Community requires communities to meet six criteria:

  1. Leadership & Collaboration - Demonstration of leadership by coalition or group focused on improving community safety
  2. Programme Reach - The range and reach of community safety programmes operating throughout the community/region, including an indication of the extent to which they are based on proven or promising intervention strategies
  3. Priority Setting - Demonstration of programmes that target and promote safety for high risk/vulnerable groups and environments
  4. Data Analysis & Strategic Alignment - Analysis of available safety (injury, violence, crime and perception) data for the community/region and how they align with established national/state/regional priorities and action plans
  5. Evaluation - Outline of expected impacts and how they are being measured or evaluated
  6. Communication & Networking - Demonstration of community engagement with relevant sectors of the community/region and ongoing participation in local, national and international Safe Communities networks is required


Treasure Rotorua is the name of Rotorua’s International Safe Community project, which in 2016 re-branded as Safe Rotorua to promote a wider safety coalition.

The Steering Group members at re-designation included representatives from: Toi Te Ora Public Health, Rotorua Lakes Council, ACC, Rotorua Police, Neighbourhood Support, Te Wairiki Purea Trust, Fire Service, Tipu Ora, Age Concern, Plunket

The Steering Group meets monthly to progress the Treasure Rotorua Strategic Plan.


The following priority safety areas have been identified for Rotorua, based on analysis of injury and crime statistics and feedback from the community and steering group:

  • Reduction of drug and alcohol-related harm
  • Violence and crime
  • Road safety
  • Injury prevention (including home safety, falls prevention, suicide prevention, workplace safety and leisure and recreational safety)
  • All Children are Safe in their home environments
  • All young people are safe in our community / neighbourhoods
  • All residents and visitors supported by a caring community
  • Priority groups Youth, Maori, Elderly, Visitors          
Graphic Image of a diagram showing the priority safety areas

This diagram shows the priority safety areas that have been identified for Rotorua:              

Benefits of the project for Rotorua

  • Organisations working better together to provide effective safety programmes for our community.
  • Increased safety promotion and education.
  • Fewer injuries, fatalities and crime.
  • Rotorua will have access to national and international safety networks and best practice information, which will help us to put effective safety programmes in place.
  • Appeal to both national and international travellers - Rotorua will be seen as a good place to visit because the designation shows we are committed to improving safety in our community.
  • It gives us an opportunity to recognise the great work that many in the community are already doing in the area of safety.


  • Recorded crime in Rotorua decreased by 24% including a 10% decrease in dwelling burglaries, a 7% decrease in theft from cars and a 24% decrease in sexual offences.
  • A 50% reduction in vehicle crime at the RLC/DoC controlled car parks was achieved as a result of CPTED assessments and implementation of recommendations.
  • There was a 50% reduction in the number of visitors as victims of vehicle crime as a result of the Project Papa Waka.

International Safe Community designation does not imply that Rotorua is perfectly safe but that we are committed to making Rotorua as safe as possible for our residents and many visitors.

For more information contact Treasure Rotorua Coordinator at Rotorua Lakes Council, Chris Webber on 07 351-8089, email  or

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