Driver Directions


Thanks to the support of Off Road NZ and Rotorua Kart Sport Development Trust the new course will be held on the Rotorua International Kartsport Raceway at Off Road New Zealand in Mamaku (193 Amoore Road).

Driver Directions is a FREE programme to strengthen novice drivers' vital skills for safe driving.

What happens on the day:

Driver Directions attendees will meet reputed driving coaches who will take them through a series of activity stations that focus on:

  • Parralel parking
  • Reversing using mirrors
  • Braking awareness
  • Urban driving experiences
  • Vehicle awareness - is your seat in a safe position?
  • Insight driving - crash avoidance and hazard detection
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Road rules and the DRIVE smart phone app

The attendees also get an opportunity to drive the race track with a qualified driving instructor.

Criteria: ​​

  • The Driver Directions programme is for young drivers who hold a Learner or Restricted Licence.
  • Must provide own vehicle with current WOF and REGO.
  • Must be accompanied by a parent/adult/caregiver who has held a full NZ drivers licence for at least 2 years.

Course dates for 2020:

Each course is one day - choose one of the following dates using the form below:
  • ​Wednesday 15 April
  • Thursday 16 April
  • Tuesday 7 July
  • Wednesday 8 July
  • Tuesday 29 September
  • Tuesday 1 December
  • Wednesday 2 December

Participants must be there by 9:00a.m.
The course finishes at 3.30pm.


  • Rotary Rotorua
  • NZ Police
  • Off Road NZ
  • Rotorua Kart Sport Development Trust
  • Rotorua Ford & Mazda
  • Dawson Insurance
  • 50Fifty Traffic Management
  • St John


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For further information or assistance phone Rotorua Lakes Council 07 348 4199 or email

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