Safe City Guardians

Rotorua Lakes Council's Safe City Guardians is based on other successful safety patrol models operating around New Zealand.

Safe City Guardians
The Safe City Guardians are extra "eyes and ears" for Council, Rotorua Police and local businesses and patrol Rotorua's Central Business District with the aim of:

  • Reducing crime and troublesome behaviour in Rotorua's Central Business District and surrounding reserves.
  • Increase perceptions of safety as measured by the Rotorua Lakes Perceptions of Safety Survey.
  • Increasing overal visitor satisfaction

The Safe City team also monitor the CCTV cameras that are set up around the city. For more information about CCTV in Rotorua click HERE

Areas our Safe City Guardians Patrol
Staff members will patrol within the geographic boundary of the Rotorua CDB (see map), This includes Lake front, Government Gardens, Kuirau Park, Energy Events Centre, Central Mall and skate park areas. They are able to answer a range of queries from visitors and the general public including - the provision of directions, information on attractions, the location of banks, ATMs ets, and even some basic history of the area.   An added bonus of this sevice is that staff act as "eye's and ear's" in the community and report anything suspicious to police using their supplied mobile phones. 

You will be able to spot the Guardians by their bright green jacket and polo shirts, which will have "Safe City Guardian" written across the back and the RLC logo on the front.

Contact details:

Guardian Hotline ​To reach our Safe City team contact Council's 24 hour phone number ​07 348 4199


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