Te Arawa Partnership Model

Te Arawa Partnership Agreement (Signed 18 December 2015)

Te Arawa Partnership Board Provisional Election Results

The Te Arawa Partnership working party are pleased to announce the outcomes of the partnership board elections. Firstly we want to thank all candidates for putting their hands up to represent our iwi and a mihi to all 2,839 Te Arawa uri who cast a vote. The successful candidates (in order of votes received) are as follows:

Koeke (1 Seat)

Te Uru o Te Whetu (Fred) Whata (elected unopposed)

Te Arawa Iwi & Hapu (6 Seats)

  • Eraia Kiel
  • Gina Mohi
  • Potaua Biasiny-Tule
  • Te Taru White
  • Ngaroma (Mala) Grant
  • Raina Meha-Rangitauira

NB: Aneta Morgan was successfully elected however has since withdrawn due to conflicts with work commitments. 

Ngati Whakaue (2 Seats)

Ana Morrison

Land Trusts and Incorporations (2 Seats)

  • David (Rawiri) Waru
  • Geoffrey Rolleston

Pan Te Arawa Entities (1 Seat)

  • Eugene Berryman-Kamp

Rangatahi (2 Seats)

  • Te Mauri Tait Kingi
  • Ngahuia Hona-Paku

Key facts about the election process:

  • 2,839 votes were received (25% of eligible voters)
  • 77% by postal vote and 23% by online vote
  • Voting papers were sent to 11,153 Te Arawa descendants

Te Arawa Partnership Model

At an extraordinary Council meeting [Tuesday 26 May 2015] councillors voted 8/5 to adopt a modified version of the proposed Te Arawa partnership model which went out for public consultation and attracted more than 1800 submissions.

Learn about this journey, and watch the videos of a very significant and historical partnership between Te Arawa and Rotorua Lakes Council.

Media​ Releases

26 May 2015 - Te Arawa to be represented on Council committees

Extraordinary Council meeting - Te Arawa Partnership Model 

(26 May 2015)

Agenda - Council - extraordinary meeting re Te Arawa Partnership Proposal
Draft Minutes - Council - extraordinary meeting re Te Arawa Partnership Proposal
Te Arawa partnership model – post-decision fact sheet

Background summary

The need to develop a more effective partnership between Te Arawa and Rotorua Lakes Council (Rotorua District Council) was identified by the last Council following the 2012 decision of the Environment Court that recognised the need for the Council to improve iwi consultation. The incoming Council and Te Arawa then committed to developing a new partnership model after the 2013 local government elections. It was mutually acknowledged that the existing mechanism – the Te Arawa Standing Committee – no longer met the needs of both parties and did not effectively assist Council to continue to meet its legal obligations to Māori and Tāngata Whenua (local iwi). 

After 12 months of research and iwi consultation the Te Arawa Partnership Model working group presented their model to Council on 18 December 2014.   

The Te Arawa Partnership Model working group was:
Arapeta Tahana
Kingi Biddle
Mauriora Kingi
Potaua Biasiny-Tule
Rene Mitchell
Roku Mihinui
Waereti Tait-Rolleston

Te Arawa Partnerships Model

Summary ​- the proposed Te Arawa Partner​ship Model:

  • the establishment on an independent Te Arawa Board sitting outside of the council, to represent iwi interests, with board members elected by the Te Arawa community;
  • the Te Arawa Board to forward nominations for appointment to certain council committees, RMA consent hearing panels and strategic working groups. Nominations to be considered and appointments made, solely by publicly elected members on the full council; and
  • voting rights for appointed representatives on two of the committees – ie Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee, and Operations & Monitoring Committee. [Note: committee decisions can be overturned by publicly elected members on the full council.​

Council considered the proposed model along with three alternative options: Status Quo; Modified Model; and No Formal Partnership and resolved to support the model “in principle” subject to a Special Consultative Procedure (SCP).

A Statement of Proposal – Proposed Te Arawa Partnership Model has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the SCP process under the Local Government Act 2002. 

Statement of Proposal

The statement includes greater information on:

  • the proposed model and the reasons for the proposal;
  • key considerations (pros and cons) of other practicable options; and
  • a description of the consultation and submission process, including the period within which views on the proposal may be provided.

For a copy of the Statement of Proposal including a feedback form please visit the homepage of the Council website rdc.govt.nz; or pick up a copy from City Focus; Rotorua District Library or the Customer Centre at Rotorua Lakes Council, 1061 Haupapa Street.  Copies will also be made available at a number of local community centres and marae.

Consultation has now closed

The timetable for the special consultative procedure was:

  • Submissions close                                                                             Apr 17 
  • Hearings for submitters - April 30 to May 11
     (See Hearing Schedules on right-hand-side of page)                                                                   
  • Submissions considered - deliberations and decisions                     May 26

Listen to the daily hearings

30 April Part 1Part 2 Part 3Part 4Part 5 Part 6
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5 MayPart 1 Part 2
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6 May Part 1Part 2
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Part 3
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11 May Part 1Part 2
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Part 3
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