Drone Guidelines

Provided you follow the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) operating rules, Rotorua Lakes Council permits people to fly drones over their parks and reserves in a shielded operation except in specified parks located close to registered aerodromes.

It is prohibited to fly drones in Kuirau Park (close to Rotorua Hospital Helipad), the Rotorua Lakefront Reserve, Village Green and Motutara (Sulphur) Point (Lakefront Aerodrome) and Hannah’s Bay Reserve (Rotorua Airport).

Many of Rotorua’s parks and reserves are within controlled airspace so operators can only fly in shielded operations and drones must stay below tree or building heights.

All drone operators must follow the CAA safety guidelines which can be found at https://www.airshare.co.nz/rules

This flyer has been created to help drone operators know what guidelines they need to comply with when flying drones in the Rotorua District.


Some key rules to remember include:
•Do not fly over people and stay away from reserves on which organised events are being held
•if not flying above a Council park have the consent of the property owner
•be able to see the aircraft with your own eyes (eg. not via binoculars) at all times
•fly only in daylight
•understand the height restrictions that apply in the area you want to operate.

Drone operators require permission to operate in an unshielded manner in controlled airspace or within 4km of an aerodrome.

To obtain permission please contact the relevant air authorities as below:

Lakefront Aerodrome 07 3489984

Rotorua Hospital Helipad 027 6535697

Rotorua Aerodrome and Airport 07 345 8807

Airways - www.airshare.co.nz/my-flights/plan-a-flight​

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