Urban reserves weed spraying schedule

​​​Rotorua Lakes Council maintains hundreds of kilometres of parks and recreation areas across the Rotorua district. Part of that maintenance includes the use of weed control sprays. This information serves as public advice about where, and when Council contractors will be undertaking weed control measures. 

About weed control maintenance 

Infracore uses glyphosate-based agrichemicals along and around fence-lines, retaining walls, bollards, hard surface edges and structures in p​arks and reserves. Spray cycles are carried out three to four times a year to maintain effective control.

Infracore does not use glyphosate within playgrounds or around the edges – and does not use it in close proximity to drains and waterways.

Council has a list of properties on some urban reserve boundary fences and encourages people to put signs on fences stating eg "no spray" to identify areas to avoid. There are also some of these signs on rural roadsides.

All staff who apply these products are required to be trained and certified in its use and must follow strict handling and application guidelines.

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