The Priorities

​​​​​​Our shared success looks like:

  • Few empty shops
  • People on our streets
  • Optimistic retailers
  • More diverse use of our inner city
  • Viewed as an exciting and safe place to live, work and visit.

Our shared success looks like:

  • New jobs
  • Higher skilled workforce
  • Reduced unemployment
  • Increased household income
  • New and different businesses
  • An increasingly attractive investment environment

Flagship Projects
Centres of excellence and innovation in clean energy, spa city, fresh water, iwi development, 
tourism and ‘Wood First’.

Our shared success looks like:

  • Homes are insulated and affordable to heat
  • Growth in property values
  • Residential building consents reflect growth in new builds and refurbishment

Flagship Projects
Sustainable alternative energy options eg geothermal.

Our shared success looks like:

  • A sustainable 30 year infrastructure plan
  • Evidenced ability to manage and repay debt
  • Rates are within affordable levels
  • Transparent, trusted financial management
  • Affordable, cost-effective and valued council services.

How ​are we doing?​

Click the link to view our Prior​ity Progress​ for further information.​​

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