Te Arawa Partnership

​​ About this portfolio

The Te Arawa Partnership Portfolio developed as a result of Council's Rotorua 2030 commitment to develop a new partnership model with Te Arawa.

Te Arawa Partnership is unique in comparison to the other Council portfolios, because it focuses on establishing an operating model of partnership with Iwi/Tāngata Whenua. Once the model was operationalised the steering group was disestablished and the strengthening of the working partnership (including the co-development of any projects) between Council and Te Arawa is the ongoing responsibility of both partners.  

See Rotorua Lakes Council winning entry in the Local Government New Zealand 2016 Awards and link to the media release.  Also view the mayor and councillors acknowledging this award  here .

Completed Projects

On 26 May 2015, following consultation and the hearing of submissions, Council voted to adopt – with some modifications – a new partnership model with Te Arawa. Key elements of the model adopted by were Council:

  • Up to two appointed Te Arawa representatives on the Strategy, Policy and Finance and Operations & Monitoring committees - with voting rights;
  • A defined nomination and appointment process for the above
  • Changed delegations for the Strategy, Policy & Finance and Operations and Monitoring committees to confine them to having the power to make recommendations to full Council only, rather than make decisions on behalf of full Council. At present they are able to make decisions on certain matters with others requiring a full Council decision;
  • The establishment of a Te Arawa Board, supported and mandated by an Iwi Stakeholder Forum
    Video recordings, the agenda and draft minutes of the 26 May meeting, along with other information relating to the Te Arawa partnership model can be viewed by following this link:
    Te Arawa Partnership model

Current Projects

The Working Group agreed to a Project Implementation Plan through to February 2016.

By that time the Iwi Stakeholder Forum was operational and the inaugural Te Arawa Board was constituted and new members elected to it. Nominations for Te Arawa representatives to the Council committees was made thereafter.

Maximum costs for Council support for the Te Arawa Board and its activities shall be $250,000 annually, except for Te Arawa elections every three years when the maximum budget shall be $290,000.

Future Projects

Projects may be co-developed between Council and Te Arawa in the future, however this will be as a result of a strengthening of the working relationship between the two partners, not the portfolio itself.

The Portfolio Strategy

At this stage, other than a project implementation plan to operationalise the Te Arawa Partnership model, no other Council strategy shall likely be forthcoming from this portfolio.

Portfolio Lead Councillor - Cr Raukawa Tait


Te Tatau o Te Arawa Board Members

​Te Taru White (Chair)Ana Morrison​​Eraia Kiel
​Eugene Berryman-KampGeoff Rolleston​​Gina Mohi
​Kingi Biddle​Ngahuia Hona-Paku​Ngaroma (Mala) Grant (Deputy Chair)
​Potaua Biasiny-TuleRaina Meha​Rawiri Waru
​Te Mauri Kingi​Dr Ken Kennedy​Jude Pani (Executive Officer)

Council contact person

Jenny Riini Partnership Advisor
Email: jenny.riini@rotorualak es council.nz  
Phone: 07 351 8052 

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