Key Projects

East Rotoiti/Rotoma sewerage scheme

Council committed through its Long-term Plan to a reticulated sewerage scheme for East Rotoiti/Rotomā. The project will contribute to Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Programme goals to improve lakes water quality and protect public health and features a strong commitment to respecting traditional cultural values and broader community expectations.

There are about 700 properties in the proposed service area for this scheme, which will replace current septic tanks. Allowance has been made for some future growth.

Council has worked alongside a community-led steering committee for the East Rotoiti/Rotomā community since 2013 to establish a preferred option. Properties will connect to a stand-alone wastewater treatment plant which will treat wastewater to a very high standard before it is discharged to land.​

Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre

Providing a fit-for-purpose, multi-use venue that can showcase all forms of performance will help strengthen Rotorua's cultural and performing arts offering, bringing vibrancy to the centre and maximising its use. The centre also needs earthquake strengthening and the total project – an upgrade and strengthening – will cost an estimated $6.5million. Council will work with key stakeholders to strengthen the value proposition for the proposed project before a final decision is made and $1million has been allocated in the 2017/18 year to complete the value case and potentially start detailed design and construction.

Presenting Our Place: Entranceways

Strong entranceway features are among the first things returning locals and tourists see when entering ​​​Rotorua city and they often become a powerful symbol that forms part of the district's identity. Council has approved $300,000 to enhance the city's northern and eastern entrances.

Sports facility funding

Rotorua's active environment and easy lifestyle are important to its residents and we are striving to ensure that there are outstanding places to play throughout the district.

Monitoring Our Key Projects (still to come)

Reporting on the key projects.

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