Building Forms


​​​​​​​Form 2: Application for PIM and/or Building Consent

(Note: Vetting checklists are included in the relevant Form 2 Application for PIM and/or Building Consent excluding marquees

  • Simple (garages, carports, decks, retaining walls, farm buildings, marquees/temporary structures)
    If you are applying for a consent for a marquee you must also complete the Marquee Vetting Checklist

  • Minor (demolition/removals,swimming/spa pools, solar, drainage and fireplaces (outside of Rotorua only)

  • Residential (including alterations, additions, internal bathroom alterations and resited/relocated dwellings). Where a “Cable Car” is to be installed to a Residential property, a compliance schedule will be required, for further guidance refer to the Compliance Schedule Handbook.

  • Multi residential/Industrial/Commercial Where any Specified Systems are either to be installed, altered, or removed as a result of this Building Consent and/or Amendment then each of the systems must have the applicable form completed. These application forms are listed on this page as a “Specified System Form”. (Generally these forms will require input from the system designer to ensure the forms are completed correctly). See the Building WOF & Compliance Schedules​ page for further information.

  • Solid Fuel Heater/Fireplace (for use in the Rotorua district only)

Other forms

Vetting Checklists

Note: Vetting checklists, other than those listed below, are included in the relevant Form 2 Application for PIM and/or Building Consent (See form above).

Sp​ecified System Forms

Note: only select the applicable SS item that is to be included within the application for Building Consent


  • SS​1  Automatic systems for fire suppression


  • SS2  Automatic or manual emergency warning systems


Electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows:

  • SS3/1   Automatic doors
  • SS3/2   Access controlled doors
  • SS3/3   Interfaced fire or smoke doors or windows


  • SS4   Emergency lighting systems


  • SS5   Escape route pressurisation systems


  • SS6   Riser mains for use by fire services


  • SS​7   Automatic back-flow preventers


Lifts, escalators, travelators, or other systems for moving people or goods within buildings:

  • SS​8/1   Passenger-carrying lifts
  • SS8/2   Services lifts
  • SS8/3   Escalators and moving walks (Travelators)


Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems:

  • SS9/1   Mechanical ventilation
  • SS9/2   Air conditioning systems


  • SS10   Building maintenance units providing access to exterior and interior walls of buildings


  • SS11   Laboratory fume cupboards


Audio loops or other assistive listening systems:

  • SS12/1   Audio Loops
  • SS12/2   FM radio frequency systems and infrared beam transmission systems


Smoke control systems:

  • SS13/1   Mechanical smoke control
  • SS13/2   Natural smoke control
  • SS13/3   Smoke curtains


Emergency power systems for, or signs relating to, a system or feature specified in any of clauses 1 to 13:

  • SS14/1   Emergency power systems
  • SS14/2   Signs in relation to any specified systems 1 – 13


Any or all of the following systems and features, so long as they form part of a building's means of escape from fire, and so long as those means also contain any or all of the systems or features specified in clauses 1 to 6, 9, and 13:

  • SS15/1   Systems for communicating spoken information intended to facilitate evacuation
  • SS15/2   Final Exits
  • SS15/3   Fire separations (as defined by the Building Code)
  • SS15/4   Signs for communicating information intended to facilitate evacuation
  • SS15/5   Smoke separations


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