Preliminary Mudtopia results


7 December 2017

Families flock to Mudtopia

Rotorua’s inaugural Mudtopia festival attracted about 14,000 visits over three days, according to preliminary results.

A full debrief and report is yet to come and staff will come back to Council in the new year to discuss future Mudtopia events.

Preliminary results presented to the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee today [Thursday 7 December]:

Festival attendance

  • Mudtopia Mud passes approx 12,000
  • Saturday night concert attendance approx 2000
  • Total visits 14,000
  • Spa/Wellbeing/Pamper: Sold out
  • Demographics: Mainly families during daytime; 18-35 years at concert

Estimated wider impact

  • Estimated bed nights 1,556
  • Economic contribution of accommodation $285,000
  • Plus retail and food and beverage spend

Preliminary financials

  • Total revenue  $117,000 ( concert and mud pass), an overall shortfall of $460,000 (within the $500,000 approved by Council)
  • Challenges/issues: event timing, proximity to Christmas, oversupply of concerts in the marketplace (some concerts cancelled and poor turn outs eg Deadmau5 in Auckland)
  • External funding received $907,000 – a shortfall against budget of $80,000
  • Sponsorship difficult to attract for unknown event: $35,000 received – a shortfall against budget - $60,000
  • Total cost on revised budget: $1.48m, $200,000 less than initial business case
  • $1.06m total revenue – Crown/MBIE, NZCT, sponsorship and grants, event takings (festival and concert)
  • Total costs for Council for Mudtopia festival $ 437,000 (including portion of one-off start up from MBIE 5-year agreement)
  • $110,000 start-up costs including brand development, website development, marketing and creative, equipment


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