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9 November 2017

Assessment of options for the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre will progress to detailed design if a resolution passed by the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee today is adopted by the full Council.

The detailed design would include more detailed cost estimates than those in the business case/value proposition which was presented to the committee today [Thursday, 9 November].

Council agreed in June this year, as part of annual plan deliberations, to commit to development of a business case for the upgrade and earthquake strengthening of the centre. The Council allocated $1m to complete the business case and potentially start detailed design and construction.

If the full Council approves progressing to detailed work on the preferred options, the design and associated costs would go back to elected members to consider and potentially include in the 2018-28 Long-term Plan. The proposed long-term plan will go out to community consultation before being adopted at the end of June next year.

The preferred option includes earthquake strengthening plus upgrading the foyer, Concert Chamber, banquet room and Civic Theatre stage. It is also proposed that detailed design be done on additional work, to extend the capacity of the Civic Theatre, which could be done at a later stage if desired, the committee was told today.

Staff presenting the business case today were joined by Mr Brett Marvelly, who has been involved in consultation and work which has been done on options for SHMPAC for the past few years.

He told the committee there was considerable untapped potential to grow performing arts activity and participation in Rotorua, both for locals and visitors, and provide economic benefit.

Research conducted as part of the business case showed 92% of residents were interested in performing arts with 66% attending a show in the past 12 months. The research showed international visitors wanted more evening entertainment options in Rotorua with 24% interested in performances such as musicals, theatre and dance and 22% interested in music concerts, events or shows.

The recommendation of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee will be considered by the Full Council when it meets 23 November.

Go to p65 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting agenda to see the full report on this.

The meeting was livestreamed and you can view the presentation and discussion at THIS LINK on Council’s website or go to Council’s YouTube channel. The presentation on this matter is at the start of the recording.

Go to THIS LINK  on Council’s website to view the presentation slide relating to this matter which include the results of research undertaken as part of the business plan.


Roads tagged for speed limit reductions

The Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee will recommend to the full Council that proposed speed limit changes go out to public consultation.

Changes are proposed for 21 roads in the Rotorua district.

Council conducts speed limit reviews approximately every three years, focussing on roads that have been subject to public submissions (principally through annual plans), roads where changes have occurred (eg development) or for some other specific reason (eg recommendation from a Coroner’s report).

Speed limit reductions are proposed for all or parts of: Manawahe Road, Pongakawa Valley Road, Western Road, Brake Road, Oakland Place, Pioneer Road, Mohi Crescent, Tarawera Road, Spencer Road, Brunswick Drive (including side roads), Okareka Loop Road, Millar Road, Waiotapu Loop Road, Road to wastewater treatment plant, Vaughan Road, Owhata Road, Hamurana Road, Kaska Road, Turner Road, Te Waerenga Road and Paradise Valley, Endean, Te Miri and Te Mana roads.

Speed limits on local roads are set under Council’s Speed Limit Bylaw but must comply with legislation, specifically the Land Transport Rule ‘Setting of Speed Limits 2017’ and all proposed speed limits have been assessed under this new rule.  The assessment is undertaken in accordance with the ‘Speed Management Guidelines’, published by NZTA. 

Go to p35 of the meeting agenda to see the full report on this.

Go to THIS LINK on Council’s website to view the presentation on this matter which includes maps of the areas where speed limit changes are proposed

Support for local ‘special housing areas’ policy

The Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee has supported a proposed ‘special housing areas policy’ to support the Rotorua Housing Accord.

The proposed policy, which aims to establish a framework to guide Council decision-making regarding special housing areas, will go to the Full Council later this month for its consideration and a final decision.

Acting Group Manager Operations Henry Weston explained the policy would provide the process and criteria for proposing special housing areas. The accord itself provided for the wider community interests to be considered through consultation and engagement with key affected parties, central government agencies and ministers and Council decision-making. The policy would outline the steps to be taken before that, he said.

Council worked with the previous government on development of a Rotorua housing accord which was signed at the end of August. The accord aims to increase the supply of housing in the district by providing access to special legislation that enables the fast-tracking of consenting and district plan change processes for areas declared as ‘special housing areas’.

The proposed Special Housing Areas Policy provides an assessment framework to help Council in its decision-making. Any recommendations of Council would be reviewed by the Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) before an area could be declared a ‘special housing area’.

It was noted that it remains unclear at this time whether the new government will continue to support the establishment of special housing areas or how. However, the committee was told it was considered prudent to ensure a policy was in place to support any local proposals that could see an increase in available housing stock in the district.

Go to p50 of the meeting agenda to view the full report about this and the proposed policy.

Changes proposed for traffic bylaw

The Strategy, Policy & Finance committee endorsed proposed amendments to the district’s Traffic Bylaw go out to public consultation which will now go to the Full Council for its cosideration.

A recent review of the General Bylaw identified mechanisms used by Council to regulate “shared paths” and “shared zones” needed clarification, prompting proposed changes to the Traffic Bylaw to include provisions defining and regulating these.

Consultation, if approved by the full Council, will open 23 November with a call for submissions. The submission period will close 15 January 2018 and will be followed by a hearing before deliberations and decision-making.

Go to P12 of the meeting agenda to see the full report on this.


Thursday’s Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting was livestreamed. You can view the meeting recording via THIS LINK on Council’s website.

The meeting agenda and presentations being delivered during the meeting can also be found at the above link.


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