Draft spatial plan out for consultation


Have you had your say on the Draft Spatial Plan for the Rotorua district?

The plan will be the blueprint that helps to shape our district if growth continues. It will establish how we want Rotorua to look in future, guiding where we want more houses and how many, what areas should be earmarked for recreation, where industrial and commercial development should go.

By establishing where we want development, what type and how much, the spatial plan will guide where infrastructure will be needed and will guide developers and landowners.

What do you think? He aha ō whakaaro?  How do you want Rotorua to grow?

Want to know more? To view the draft plan and supporting information and to see how you can provide feedback, go to Council’s online engagement platform Let’s Talk/Korero Mai.

The draft plan, which was developed following community consultation, is open for feedback until 17 November.

Council wants feedback from all people of all ages – this is an important document which will shape Rotorua’s future.

It will link to and guide other important planning documents such as annual plans and long-term planning as we work towards achieving the district’s 2030 vision.

Korero mai – have your say.

Less formal hearings format to be trialled for spatial plan consultation

A proposal for a less formal process for people to provide feedback on the Draft Rotorua Spatial Plan aims to encourage more people to have their say.

The proposal received support from the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee during its recent hui/meeting [Thursday 12 October] and will go to the full Council for its consideration and a decision.

In the past hearings have been undertaken in a formal way with people who have made written submissions able to speak directly to the full Council and answer any questions.

It is proposed that in addition to formal hearings, as they have traditionally been held, a less formal approach also be taken to provide additional ways for people to be heard, in an environment in which they may be more comfortable sharing their feedback.

A “special consultative procedure” (SCP) is being used to consult on the Draft Spatial Plan, given its significance for future planning and direction-setting. This requires that people be given an opportunity to present their views to Council, however the legislation does not specify what format that must take, providing the opportunity to adopt other means.

Written feedback will be received via all of the traditional methods – including submissions, surveys, letters, email and Facebook if verifiable.

It is proposed to also run a public expo type event where members of the public will be able to provide their feedback directly to elected members and council staff and where they will be able to speak about selected or all spatial plan objectives. A video booth will also be available as another alternative way for people to give verbal feedback for Council's consideration.

Go to p70 of the meeting agenda to see the full report on this matter.

To see the Draft Spatial Plan and supporting documents and/or provide feedback, to go Council’s online engagement platform Let’s Talk/Korero Mai



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