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12 October 2017

A proposal for a more informal process for people to provide feedback on the Draft Rotorua Spatial Plan aims to encourage more people to have their say.

The proposal received support from the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee during its monthly hui/meeting today [Thursday 12 October].

Submissions to the draft plan are now being accepted and the submissions period closes 17 November. In the past hearings have been undertaken in a formal way with people who have made written submissions able to speak directly to the full Council and answer any questions.

It is proposed that in addition to formal hearings as they have traditionally been held, a less formal approach also be taken to provide additional ways for people to be heard, in an environment in which they may be more comfortable sharing their feedback.

A “special consultative procedure” (SCP) is being used to consult on the Draft Spatial Plan, given its significance for future planning and direction-setting. This requires that people be given an opportunity to present their views to Council, however the legislation does not specify what format that must take, providing the opportunity to adopt other means.

Written feedback will be received via all of the traditional methods – including submissions, surveys, letters, email and Facebook if verifiable.

It is proposed to also run a public workshop where members of the public will be able to provide their feedback directly to elected members and council staff and where they will be able to speak about selected or all spatial plan objectives. A video booth will also be available as another alternative way for people to give verbal feedback.

Go to p70 of the meeting agenda to see the full report on this matter.

To see the Draft Spatial Plan and supporting documents and/or provide feedback, to go Council’s online engagement platform Let’s Talk/Korero Mai


Revocation for Thermal Holiday Park supported

Proposed revocation of recreation reserve status for Rotorua’s Thermal Holiday Park, to enable the land to be returned to Ngati Whakaue, will go to Council for a decision later this month.

The matter was considered today by the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee which is recommending Council approve proceeding to revocation.

Public consultation for the revocation will be required, in accordance with the provisions of the Reserves Act 1977.

The land was originally gifted to the crown by Ngati Whakaue for public recreation and education purposes and was designated as a recreation reserve and was vested in Council to administer.

Return of the land has long been discussed by Council and Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust through the Ngati Whakaue Gifted Lands Protocol. Discussions have also been held with the Crown.

The parties have agreed that a strip of land which provides access to the adjacent Centennial Park will be retained by Council.

Council has been the administering body under the Reserves Act 1977 and has received annual income of $106,695 per year from the lease but the loss of this income has been anticipated since 2015 when the process towards revocation started.

Once the reserve status is revoked, the land will revert to Crown ownership. The Crown must then complete the required process to return the land to Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust.

Revocation of a reserve classification is governed by the Reserves Act 1977 which requires a resolution of Council to effect the revocation.

The land is not of strategic importance and its return is not considered to be inconsistent with the wider policies and goals of Council.


  • The Thermal Holiday Park land was leased to Omnium Investments Ltd for an initial term of 33 years starting June 1990. Omnium sold it interest to Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park Ltd in 1991 and in 2012 it was sold to then Waiariki Institute of Technology (now Toi Ohomai).
  • Over time, parts of the land were leased for purposes inconsistent with what would be expected on a recreation reserve and it is currently leaded by Toi Ohomai for a mix of recreation and commercial uses.
  • Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust agreed to honour the terms of the lease and both have expressed a desire to renegotiate the lease on when the land is returned.

Go to p44 of the meeting agenda to see the full report on this matter, including a map showing the area of land involved and the strip to be retained by Council for access to Centennial Park.


Property Disposal Policy supported

The Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee has supported a proposed Property Disposal Policy to provide a framework and guidelines for Council officers to follow when considering the disposal of Council-owned property.

The committee’s support is subject to changes they recommended during discussions today and the proposed policy – with the changes – will go to the Full Council later this month for its consideration and a decision.

Council has in the past been required to ensure all matters of compliance are met for disposal of any property but elected members identified the need for a comprehensive policy to ensure uniformity when recommending the disposal of property.

The proposed policy outlines the process and considerations/factors to be taken into account.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Provide a consistent approach when considering the possible disposal of Council-owned properties.
  • Provide a complete and robust process to clearly identify properties that may be considered for disposal.
  • Manage Council’s risk in determining whether to hold or dispose of a property.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Council’s Legal and Property business unit has worked with consultants to develop a comprehensive policy which covers off all legal, regulatory and other considerations an officer of Council should make prior to recommending any property to Council for disposal.

Go to p26 of the meeting agenda to view the proposed policy and to see the full report on this matter.


General Bylaw review

No amendments are proposed for Council’s General Bylaw 2011 following a review ahead of its expiry in 2018.

The bylaw covers miscellaneous matters not covered in other bylaws, including the regulation of  public spaces and trading in public places, the keeping of animals, and cemeteries and crematoria. It also sets out definitions, bylaw licensing powers, fees and charges and offences common to all of Council’s bylaws.

The Committee has today passed a recommendation that no amendments be proposed to the General Bylaw 2011 and resolved to recommend to Council that it approve an update of a current map (in the Public Places section of the bylaw) relating to where skateboard use is allowed/not allowed.

Bylaws which are continued without amendment need not go to public consultation if they do not trigger Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy (which is to be reviewed this year) or if there is no significant impact on the public due to its continuation. These factors have been considered and no public consultation is required.


  • Rotorua Lakes Council has 15 bylaws.
  • Bylaws are rules made by Council that affect and regulate certain activities in the community covering health, safety and a range of environmental issues.
  • Bylaws are reviewed every few years, as required by the Local Government Act 2002.

Go to p50 of the meeting agenda to view the full report on this matter.


Committee supports Mayor attending China Mayoral Forum

The committee gave its support for Mayor Steve Chadwick attending the 2017 New Zealand China Mayoral Forum in Wellington in early December.

The mayor has been invited to be part of a core group of 15 mayors who will speak during the tourism, education and primary industries sessions at the forum, which will be attended by visiting mayors from China.

Mayor Chadwick will lead a Rotorua delegation, in collaboration with Destination Rotorua,

Go to p74 of the meeting agenda to view the full report on this matter.


The Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting was livestreamed and the recording can be accessed via THIS PAGE on Council’s website.



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