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12 July 2017

Council’s Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee will deliberate on a review of the local Class IV Gambling and Board Venue Policy review tomorrow [Thursday].

Deliberations follow recent consultation and the hearing of submissions and the committee will make recommendations to the full Council for final decision-making.

In light of the written and verbal submissions, officers recommend Council considers amending the policy as follows:

  • Establish a new ‘cap’ of 382 gambling machines (existing gambling machine numbers);

  • Not grant consent for establishment of any new Class IV venues in locations outside the

    Central Business District;

  • Not grant consent for any relocations of venues or gambling machines from any suburban

    location outside the CBD to another suburban location outside the CBD;

  • Allow relocations of gambling machines and venues from suburban locations into the CBD and within the CBD;

  • Amend the Policy to provide for a ‘boundary-to-boundary’ distance of 100m between any new venue and any other venue/sensitive site (rather than this being measured along the footpath).

For the full report to the committee about this go to p17 of the AGENDA for tomorrow’s meeting


Spatial plan feedback

Committee members will be asked to recommend to the full Council that key feedback from the community be incorporated in the preparation of a draft spatial plan for further public consultation.

The spatial plan is not a statutory document but will provide a crucial building block for future planning and decision-making.

A discussion document aimed at generating community conversations about where future growth and development should go, what kind and how much, resulted in feedback from 449 people and organisations. More than 1000 people, including youth, were engaged in the process through meetings, workshops and forums, some of which were facilitated by lakes and rural community board members.

The process for developing a spatial plan

  • The public was invited to provide feedback based on a discussion document aimed at prompting discussion about how Rotorua should look in future, where development should occur, how much and what kind.

  • The feedback received has been collated and elected members will be asked to approve key messages from community feedback being incorporated in a draft spatial plan.

  • A draft spatial plan will be prepared by the end of August this year.

  • An approved draft spatial plan will then go out to formal public consultation by way of submissions and hearings before final decisions are made by Council.

  • A finalised spatial plan will go to Council for adoption following decision-making after hearings.

For the full report to the committee about this go to p13 of tomorrow’s AGENDA

For more about recent consultation for development of a draft spatial plan go to Council’s online consultation hub Let’s Talk – Korero Mai and click on the link ‘Planning for the future of Rotorua’


Hearing of submissions on air quality bylaw

Submissions to Rotorua Lakes Council’s Air Quality Control Bylaw review will be heard by the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee tomorrow [Thursday 13 July] following the committee’s monthly meeting in the morning.

A total of 28 submissions were received after the proposal for the review of the bylaw, which is administered by Bay of Plenty Regional Council, was approved for consultation in May.

Seven submitters will be heard on Thursday.

Go to THIS LINK to see the submissions of those who will be speaking at the hearing.

For more information about the bylaw review go to Council’s online consultation hub Let’s Talk – Korero Mai and click on the link ‘Air Quality Control Bylaw’.


Tomorrow’s Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee (starting at 9.30am in the Council Chamber) and the air quality bylaw review hearing (starting at 2pm) will be livestreamed.  You can access livestreaming via Council’s website http://www.rotorualakescouncil.nz/ at THIS LINK

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