Want to make your home healthier?


10 July 2017 - A new advisory service to help Rotorua residents create healthier drier homes that are cheaper to heat is now available.

Altruistic company Sustainability Options’ programme manager, Jo Wills, says it will be delivering free independent advice.

“We are looking forward to offering free home assessments that look at how people use power and heating and provide them with tips to help make their homes healthier.  We will also be running community workshops to give people hands on knowledge to improve their homes,” Ms Wills.

Sustainability Options has support from Rotorua Lakes Council to provide the service as well as from Bay of Plenty Regional Council, which is funding additional assessments in Rotorua.

Rotorua Lakes Council’s Governance and Partnership Group Manager, Jean-Paul Gaston, says the advisory service aligns with its organisation’s Rotorua 2030 goal of providing affordable healthy homes.  

“This is a step towards Council’s Sustainable Living Strategy ambition to develop an advisory service that helps people to learn tips to create healthier homes from an organisation that is community and sustainability focused,” he says.

Sustainability Options has run numerous workshops across Bay of Plenty and visited more than 1000 homes in the region delivering this advisory service.

Jo Wills is encouraging anyone who wants advice to get in touch.

“We are excited that we can provide this service to more tenants, homeowners and landlords.  Our goal is to help as many people as possible in Rotorua to improve the health of their homes.” she says.


  • Residents interested in signing up for a free assessment can phone or text 022 497 2529.  Otherwise email:  service@so.org.nz
  • Sustainability Options delivers home performance assessments on behalf of Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Hot Swap programme
  • The Hot Swap programme aims to improve the air quality of Rotorua by swapping old wood burners with heat pumps, infrared heaters, gas and pellet fires as well as ultra-low emission wood burners 
  • You can find out more information here


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