Rotorua roads update


19 April 2017

Updated 4pm

Contractors have finished the rock scaling work and Hamurana Road is now open.

Paradise Valley Road is open with traffic light controls in place. The road is down to one lane in places so drivers are urged to take care and watch out for any fallen debris.

The clean up of the remaining slips around the district continues.


Above: Abseilers working to remove loose rocks and foliage from a Hamurana Road slip face.


Above: Some of the rocks that have been removed from the Hamurana Rd slip face.


Paradise Valley Road is now open but is down to one lane in places and controlled by traffic lights while crews complete a final clean up today.

A portion of Hamurana Road (from Marama Point to Unsworth Road) remains closed today while contractors finish the planned rock scaling work. The work has caused large rocks to fall unexpectedly which has meant the road has been completely closed instead of the stop/go traffic that was originally in place.

The road closure will be assessed later today as it may need to stay closed overnight until the rock face stabilises. Only residents living at the State Highway 33 end of Hamurana Road will be allowed access through the closure point.

Further slip clearing and grading continues around the district including Tumunui Road, Hossack Road and beyond into the Ngakuru area.

With a number of small slips remaining on rural roads drivers are still encouraged to be drive slowly and watch out for debris on the road.


18 April 2017

Updated 2.30pm

Several work crews are making their way around the Rotorua district clearing the remains of slips which have come down onto roads during the past few weeks.

Work to remove loose rocks from a previous slip site on Hamurana Road is expected to finish tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon and a road closure will remain in place as a safety precaution until at least then. (see news item from earlier today for more details).

Meanwhile, a roading crew is working on Paradise Valley Road to clear a new slip which occurred during Easter weekend and closed a portion of the road. The closure may remain in place overnight tonight (Tuesday).

The crew will move to the lakes area, including Maniatutu Road, when finished at Paradise Valley.

Another crew is cleaning up slips on Okawa Bay Road and Te Akau Road today and will move to the Ngakuru area tomorrow, starting with Tumunui Road, then Hossack and beyond.

A third crew is checking urban roads for potholes and cleaning up any debris and this crew will continue with rural roads tomorrow.

Grading of South Road is also expected to be completed this week and the grader is expected to move on to Te Kopia Road, Waikite Valley, on Thursday.

All estimated timeframes are weather dependent.

Drivers are urged to continue taking care on rural roads around the district. Areas where slips or the remains of slips are still to be cleared include:

  • Endean Rd
  • Te Weta Rd (underslips as well as slips)
  • Waikite Valley Rd
  • Lake Okataina Rd
  • Maniatutu Rd (passable with extreme care)
  • Mangamingi Rd (slips and tomo)
  • Rehi Rd
  • Twist Rd
  • Poutakataka
  • Totara Rd
  • Okaro Rd (care required)
  • Waimangu Rd (care required)
  • NZ Cycleway (South of Rotorua – 3 slips blocking cycleway)
  • Waikite Valley Rd
  • Maleme Rd
  • Corbett Rd
  • Dunkirk Rd

Updated midday

Part of Hamurana Road has been closed as a safety precaution while contractors clear loose rocks from a slip face.

The work, which was planned, follows a slip about a year ago and involves contractors abseiling on the rock face to remove loose stones and rocks. This is causing some rockfall and in the interests of safety of the public, the road has been closed from the State Highway 33 end of Hamurana Road (Marama Point end) to Unsworth Road. Locals will be allowed access.

The closure will be manned and will be in place for at least one night, possibly two.

All going well the work is expected to be completed tomorrow but as a precaution the closure may stay in place through Wednesday night.

We will provide an update tomorrow (Wednesday)


17 April 2017

Paradise Valley Rd will remain closed until further notice due to a slip which occurred yesterday (Sunday).

Crews have inspected the slip this morning, material is still coming down and due to the slip’s proximity (20m) to an underslip which occurred during a previous weather event, it is not safe to re-open this portion of the road at this time.

The closed portion of the road will continue to be manned at either end of the closure. Locals will be allowed access to properties.

The situation will be re-assessed tomorrow and it is hoped crews will be able to start the clean up then.


16 April 2017

A large slip has closed part of Paradise Valley Road until further notice and the closure will be manned throughout the night until a detailed assessment can be made tomorrow.

The slip, between Endean Road and Wingspan, has occurred near an underslip where the road dropped away in rain 10 days ago.

An initial check deemed it too dangerous to start working on today. A digger will be required to clear it and an assessment of the stability of the slip and the underslip will be needed before large equipment can be used to start clearing it.

Traffic management staff will be at either end of the closure to ensure the safety of the public but locals will be allowed access.

Police reported the slip about 2.30pm and road crews were sent to check it out.

The closure will be in place from near Wingspan to near Endean Road.

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