East Rotoiti Rotoma Sewerage Scheme

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Finding a solution for the future

A community sewerage scheme is proposed for East Rotoiti and Rotoma to help keep the lakes clean and protect public health. This follows two years of community consultation.

The alternative is Bay of Plenty Regional Council's OSET Plan rules. They will affect every household if there is no sewerage scheme.

Rotorua Lakes Council has now applied for resource consents 

Interested parties can access detailed information related to the application here​

Submissions​ to the application should be made to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Submissions are due no later than 5pm Monday, 14 November 2016 and forms can be downloaded from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council's website.

Useful information for those who've never submitted on a resource consent application before is available online.​ 

Rotorua Lakes Council would appreciate as much confirmation of support for the project as possible from property owners in these two communities.

You can provide your feedback in the feedback box below (scroll down). 

See here for the full update or see below for a brief outline of what's proposed, then give your feedback.

About the scheme

  • Will service homes from the Rotomā hills to Rakeiao marae (near Moose Lodge), including side roads but not Kennedy and Otautu Bays. 
  • Grinder pumps will connect Rotomā houses to the scheme. Biolytix units will be used at Rotoiti, subject to the results of a trial.
  • The treatment plant will be behind Emery's store, well back from Lake Rotoiti.
  • Clean water from the treatment plant will discharge into the ground.
  • Cost and cultural factors are taken into consideration.

Costs and alternative

  • Subsidies for the $31.7m scheme total $24.4m. The cost to you will be about $12,200 per household, which can be paid over 25 years (about $1387 per year).
  • The alternative is the Regional Council on-site effluent systems (OSET) which may cost households more than the scheme with no subsidies or spread of cost. You would have to look after these yourselves.

What's new

  • A Memorandum of Understanding for the treatment plant site has been signed
  • Scientific testing shows that the site is suitable
  • The Biolytix trial will start soon and the community will be consulted on results
  • Cultural Impact Assessments are nearly finalised.

What's next:

  • Draft application for resource consents will be available for you to view on Council's website
  • Final resource consent application will be lodged with BOP Regional Council
  • Submissions will be heard and a decision made by the Regional Council
  • Rotorua Lakes Council will speed up detailed planning for the scheme. 

Target dates

  • Biolytix trial complete February 2018
  • Rotomā system and treatment plant complete June 2018
  • Rotoiti system complete November 2019
Page reviewed: 07 Nov 2016 11:08am