City Safe Guardian Survey

The City Safe Guardian Team has been in operation since December 2011.  The current team of four is employed on a contract basis by Rotorua District Council.  Team members work with Police, Council and other businesses to target high risk times and areas within CBD.  Since the project began Council has received many compliments and some excellent feedback on delivery of service.

All feedback from members of the public, retailers and businesses is important to Council and to the sustainability of the City Safe Guardian Project. Please take 5 minutes to complete the following survey and include any comments and/ or suggestions about any aspect of this project.

The survey can be completed online {see below) or fill out the City Safe Guardian Survey Form and return to Community Safety Projects Officer, Private Bag 3029, Rotorua Mail Centre 3046 or you can hand the completed survey to any one of the City Safe Guardian Team, to City Focus or to Customer Cenre staff at Rotorua District Council.

WIN A PRIZE!  All respondents go into a prize draw for a spot prize a dinner for 2 to the value of $75.00.  Entries must be in by 2 February 2013 prize drawn 5 February.

City Safe Guardian Survey 2012 - 2013

Must have one contact number
Do you support the continued role of Rotorua District Council allocating funding to provide business development support within the CBD?
If Yes please fill out the the next question.
Are you aware of the City Safe Guardian project?
Have you received information and/or a visit from the City Safe Guardians?
Are you aware of positive actions that the City Safe Guardians have contributed to?
If Yes please fill out the next question.
Has the City Safe Guardian project had a positive impact on your business?
If Yes please fill out the next question
Do you think the Guardians have had a positive impact on the public perception of safety in the CBD?
Do you believe it is important to continue the City Safe Guardian project beyond June 2013?
What do you believe are the most important functions of a Guardian?
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