Floating Wetland


What is believed will be the world’s largest man-made floating wetland has been built in Rotorua.

Twenty thousand native plants on the Rotorua Lakes Council-coordinated environmental enhancement initiative is helping to improve Lake Rotorua water quality while promoting the district with the word ‘Rotorua’ spelled out in giant letters floating on the lake. 

The completed 4,000 square metre floating wetland will be anchored in Lake Rotorua off-shore from Rotorua International Airport. At 160 metres in length by 40 metres wide the wetland is similar in size to a rugby field. 


The $900,000 environmental initiative is a partnership of Rotorua Lakes Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Te Arawa Lakes Trust. The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is putting in $225,000 with an additional $225,000 funding from the Crown via the Rotorua Lakes Funding Deed. Rotorua Lakes Council's investment in the project is $450,000.

Project Update
The wetland structure is moored temporarily in the sheltered bay to the west side of the Motutara Point boat ramp to allow the plants to fully establish their root systems. It will then be towed five kilometres across the lake and anchored at its final mooring 200 metres offshore from the airport February/March.




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