Aerial Photograph of RotoruaIf you undertake qualitative or quantitative research or if you purchase reports about Rotorua's people, business, infrastructure and or environment, then Rotorua Lakes Council would like to hear from you.

SmartFutures is a one-version-of-the-​truth tool to help businesses community groups, residents and councils make informed decisions to help create a positive tomorrow. Workshops will be held where you'll be able to find out more. If you are interested in regular updates or how you can use SmartFutures you can register your interest on the online form at the bottom of the page.

The trends, issues and gaps identified by SmartFutures has been gained from the analysis of a wide range of data such as Census data,  existing Council plans and strategies and the below reports.  

​SmartFutures topics​Document downloads
​Ageing trends and transitionsDownload here 
PDF 2.3mb
​Analysis of BOP Employment and SkillsDownload here
PDF 2.5mb
​Analysis of BOP Economic ScenariosDownload here  
PDF 1.7mb
​BERL BOP Situation Analysis Download here 
PDF 1.6mb
​BOP Population and DemographicsDownload here 
PDF 3mb
​Economic settlements and agglomeration impactsDownload here 
PDF 916kb
​Employment and SkillsDownload here 
PDF 2.3mb
​Growth Assumptions 2011 - PlanningDownload here 
PDF 2mb
​Infrastructure analysisDownload here 
PDF 3mb
​Integrated Network StrategyDownload here 
PDF 3.7kb
​Integrated Structure Plan Volume 1Download here 
PDF 6mb
​Integrated Structure Plan Volume 2
(with draft Transport Assessment)
Download here 
PDF  2mb
​Maori MigrationDownload here 
PDF 1.5mb
​Martin Jenkins BOC Employment Scenario ReportDownload here
PDF 1.3mb

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