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The Creative Portfolio aligns most strongly with four of the 2030 goals and priorities, (Vibrant City Heart, Business Innovation and Prosperity, A Resilient Community, Outstanding Places to Play). The overarching vision of the portfolio is to build Rotorua's creative sector as both vibrant and sustainable. The four key objectives are:

  • COMMUNITY - community connectedness
  • REVIBE - a busy city heart
  • PROFILE - raised awareness of the benefits that the creative sector adds to our community; and
  • THRIVE - the ability for organisations and individuals within the local milieu to operate sustainably.

A city and district alive with music, storytelling, performance, galleries, sculpture, street art, theatres, murals and more; brings beauty and energy to our streets and encourages people and our communities to connect, engage and come to understand each other in new ways. When creativity happens in a community it affects everyone, even those who don’t participate directly.

Co-ordinator/Lead Tutor Job Vacancy at Rotorua Children’s Art House 

An opportunity exists for a highly motivated and inspiring person to take a lead role in furthering the development of the Rotorua Children’s Art House (RCAH). The successful applicant will provide leadership and coordinate all activities of the RCAH. The role includes planning, preparing and delivering a range of arts-based programmes for children that fit with the kaupapa of the RCAH.
If you have experience leading or working in programmes focused on arts-based activities for children; and are able to work independently and with a team you may be the right person for this role.
For a job description, please contact Debbie Cossar on behalf of The Rotorua Children’s Art House Trust​

Applications close 4.00pm Monday 10th April 2017

​​Rotorua Lakes Council finalist in Creative New Zealand EXCELLENCE Award for Best Creative Place at the LGNZ EXCELLENCE Awards : 

Creative Strategy

The Creative Strategy outlines our priorities for arts and culture over the next three years, it also includes background information on how the strategy was formulated which may be of interest to local groups and individuals. Presented to Council mid October 2015, community consultation has now taken place and the output is being assessed and incorporated into the strategy where suitable. You can download or read the strategy by clicking Creative Strategy​

Other work completed or underway includes the following:

  • Creative Strategy written and approved in consultation with the community to provide a strategic focus for the three practice areas of Performing Arts, Visual Arts and the Creative Industries.
  • Rotorua Museum experiences a 30 percent increase in local patronage.
  • Children’s Art House opens Easter 2016.

Portfolio Lead Councillor

Current Steering Group

The Creative Steering Group says creativity needs the right conditions to flourish. The creative portfolio has overseen research into what these conditions are in our unique circumstances, and have been working to ensure they are maximised. Creativity has potential to contribute to Rotorua’s current industries - through innovation and value added design; to further contribute to cultural tourism; and to promote heritage, culture and NZ art and design. Creativity has the potential to enrich the lives of all those involved in its conception, creation and appreciation. Culture grows from and alongside society. Art and culture can include performing and visual arts, literature, film, new media, architecture, as well as festival and community events. Anything created for or by a particular community is important to us. We support the cultural life of the local area in several ways.

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