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Please note:

  • that the replacement is still in a state of development and may not be available at all times
  • errors may occur when some functions are used.
  • the links in the right hand column of the table below will take you to the replacement version.
  • You are welcome to supply feedback or questions via the Send feedback icon in the Home Panel. This will help us shape any FAQ's that we think may need to be written to transition users to the new version.
  • The application will change it's layout depending on whether the device is a hand held, tablet  or desktop device.
Old version​ (Silverlight required)
​New Version (HTML5)
GeyserView  - Rotorua Lakes Council's online mapping serviceGeyserView
Data Download  - Select and download spatial dataData Download
Cemetery Explorer - Explore the Rotorua District CemeteriesCemetery Explorer

Aerial Viewer - Compare aerial photos from 2001, 2006, 2011

Aerial Viewer

Airport Flight Surface
Commemorative Trees

If you wish to use the old version still then here are some suggestions as to how to get it to work:

Changes for those using Google Chrome

Google Chrome has stopped supporting the Silverlight plugin in their browser which is what our online mapping systems runs on.
See further information here:

In case anyone wants to carry on using Geocortex on Chrome there is a work around. Due to the complexity of the workaround it is not recommended for the average user.
The workaround will also only be useful until September anyway when the plugin will not be able to be loaded at all due the changes being implemented by Google.

Basically you have to enter this into your browser:


and click on enable

Close the browser, start it again and then re-enable the plugin for the site as per what you have had to do since Jan.

  • Windows 10 and the new Edge browser - This new browser from Microsoft also does not support the Silverlight plugin.
  • Or make use of Internet Explorer up to an including version 11

Static Maps

Google Maps

Lake Reserves

Parks and Reserves

Sports grounds





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