GeyserView - G4 Family of Applications

Please note that the HTML5 version of our mapping applications is now the default version.

You are welcome to supply feedback or questions via the Send feedback icon in the Home Panel. This will help us shape any FAQ's that we think may need to be written to transition users to the new version.

The application will change it's layout depending on whether the device is a hand held, tablet  or desktop device.

GeyserView - Rotorua Lakes Council's online mapping service
Data Download  - Select and download spatial data
Cemetery Explorer - Explore the Rotorua District Cemeteries

Aerial Viewer - Aerial photos from 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016

Airport Flight Surface
Commemorative Trees

Static Maps

Dynamic Maps and Apps

Lake Reserves

Parks and Reserves including sports grounds

Council Facilities and Attractions

Historic Imagery



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